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Auto Repair Management Tips and toolsThe automotive industry is challenging. Both owners and managers often struggle to navigate its complex waters, leading to a major lack of confidence. Does that sound like you? Then you need expert guidance to help you reach the net results you must have in order to survive and thrive. Check out You Net Results’ free video blog, right here. It’s chock full of auto repair management tips, which will start you on your path to success.

Auto repair management tips for automotive shop owners

Whether you’re new to the game, or you are a seasoned pro, everyone could use some good advice. Since auto repair shops are multifaceted businesses, they can be hard to manage. As either an owner or manager, you have to keep your eye on many areas, such as:

  • Budgeting and financial strategies
  • General Management
  • Service Advisor training
  • Daily Operations
  • Hiring and recruiting staff
  • …plus much more

You Net Results guide Brian Gillis has over 25+ years of experience in the automotive repair field. He has owned and operated several multi-unit auto repair shops in Texas, Georgia and Colorado. Today, Brian shares his expertise with hiring, recruiting, systems, processes, and employee training with you.

This free blog features video clips from many of our members only meetings, which are held each and every week. We are confident that when you hear the advice in these clips, you will want to join one of our monthly programs. Get fresh, real time advice and with Brian and your fellow shop owners when you join today!

Photo by Tim Mossholder On UnsplashPhoto by Tim Mossholder On Unsplash

We will soon bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your auto repair business and set some realistic auto repair New Years resolutions. At You Net Results, we understand the unique challenges auto repair shop owners face. Hence, in this blog, we’ll guide you through some key goals that can change your auto repair shop and set you on a path to long-term success. Let’s examine them.

Auto Repair New Years Resolutions #1: Streamline Operations

One of the most crucial resolutions for an auto repair business is streamlining operations. This means optimizing your workflow, reducing unnecessary downtime, and ensuring that your team operates efficiently. Consider automating routine tasks, implementing a reliable software system, and providing regular training for your staff. Our Auto Service Advisor Training can help you achieve these goals, so your shop will be more efficient and profitable.

#2: Invest in Training and Development 

Your team is your greatest asset. In the auto repair industry, staying updated with the latest technologies and repair techniques is essential. Resolve to invest in training and development programs for your service advisors, technicians, and customer service staff. You Net Results offers comprehensive training programs in order to improve your team’s knowledge and skills, which will enhance the customer experience.

#3: Enhance Customer Experience 

Customer satisfaction should always be a top priority. Make a resolution to go the extra mile in providing excellent customer service. Encourage your service advisors to communicate clearly with clients, explain repairs, and offer honest estimates. Happy customers not only return but also refer others to your shop. Our ARA (Auto Repair Advisor) program equips your team with the skills to exceed customer expectations.

Auto Repair New Years Resolutions #4: Set Clear Financial Goals 

Financial stability is key to the long-term success of your auto repair business. Set specific financial goals for the year, such as growing revenue, reducing expenses, or raising profit margins. Regularly monitor your financial performance, then make necessary adjustments. You Net Results offers financial coaching to help you navigate the financial aspect of your business successfully.

#5: Embrace Technology 

The auto repair industry is constantly evolving with new technologies and diagnostic tools. Staying up-to-date is essential for providing high-quality service. Resolve to embrace technology and invest in the latest equipment. You Net Results can help you select the right tools and technology in order to improve diagnostics and efficiency.

#6: Implement a Marketing Plan 

Effective marketing is important for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Make a resolution in order to create a marketing plan for your auto repair business. Utilize online marketing, social media, and email campaigns so you can reach your target audience. Our website has a dedicated blog on “Auto Service Advisor Marketing Strategies” that can provide more info.

Auto Repair New Years Resolutions #7: Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In order to track your progress, establish a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business. This can include metrics such as customer retention rates, average repair order value, and technician productivity. Regularly review these KPIs so you can use the data to make informed decisions and improvements.

We Can Help You Reach Your New Years Goals!

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set goals for your auto repair business. By following all that we have mentioned in this blog, you can position your business for growth and success in 2024.

At You Net Results, we’re here to help you keep these resolutions. Our Auto Service Advisor Training and other programs empower both auto repair shop owners and their teams. Make 2024 a year of prosperity and excellence for your business by taking the first step toward improving. Contact You Net Results today, so we can help you get started. Book a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis and our team will help you create the best marketing strategy for your business. Build trust, showcase expertise, and ensure repeat business. Let’s make 2024 the best year of your business life!

Marketing your auto repair shop on social media - reach new automotive customers.

Photo by Kenny Eliason On Unsplash

The auto repair industry has seen tremendous shifts over the past few decades. Technology evolves, as customers become more tech-savvy. The online marketplace dominates. The strategies needed for marketing your auto repair shop have also had to adapt. How do you get the wheels turning to effectively market in this competitive landscape?

At You Net Results, we’ve coached and guided auto repair shop owners like you. This blog will shed light on effective marketing strategies just for your business. 

1. Marketing Your Auto Repair Shop – Understand Your Target Audience

Before you jump into marketing strategies, you need to understand who your customers are. Are they millennials looking for quick fixes? Are they families needing regular maintenance? When you know your target audience, you can create a message that speaks directly to them.

2. Strengthen Your Online Presence

In this digital era, having a robust online presence is no longer optional. Your online presence involves a two pronged strategy:

  • Website Optimization: Ensure that your website is user-friendly and mobile-optimized, as well as filled with valuable information. Use keywords organically in order to improve your search engine ranking.
  • Social Media Engagement: Create profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). Post regularly about services, promotions, as well as customer testimonials. Engaging visual content can work wonders here.

3. Offer Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Promotions attract new customers, while loyalty programs retain existing ones. Consider offering discounts for referrals, or setting up a point-based system where frequent customers can earn rewards.

4. Seek Reviews and Testimonials

Positive reviews on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and even your own website can significantly boost credibility. Remind satisfied customers to leave you a review. Make sure you always address negative feedback promptly and professionally.

5. Marketing Your Auto Repair Shop by Hosting Workshops or Webinars on Zoom

Knowledge is a powerful marketing tool, so why not invite customers to in-person workshops or online webinars via Zoom? Share your expert knowledge about basic car maintenance, understanding car parts, and safe driving tips. This can position your shop as a thought leader in the industry. You can educate your audience, while also building trust.

6. Local Advertising and Community Involvement

Never count out the power of local advertising! Posting billboards, producing local radio ads, or sponsoring a community event can reinforce your presence in the community. Fostering goodwill is never a bad thing!

7. Network with Related Businesses

Forge partnerships with businesses that complement yours. When you collaborate with car dealers, car washes, or even gas stations, the cross promotional opportunities can be huge.

8. Implement a Referral Program

Word of mouth is still one of the most potent forms of marketing. Incentivize your current customers, so they will refer their family and friends. A simple discount or a free service can be tempting.

9. Stay Updated with Industry Trends

The auto repair industry, like all others, evolves. Staying abreast of trends, tools, and technology positions your shop as both innovative and up to date. Plus, integrating the latest techniques into your services can serve as a unique selling point.

10. Measure, Analyze, Repeat – Marketing Your Auto Repair Shop

Lastly, always track how effective your marketing strategies are. Use tools such as Google Analytics to understand website traffic, or Facebook Insights to gauge social media engagement. Based on the data, you can then tweak your strategies for better results.

Marketing Your Auto Repair Shop – What’s Next? 

Marketing your auto repair shop effectively isn’t just about drawing in a crowd. It’s about building trust, showcasing skills, and ensuring repeat business. And as the saying goes, it’s not just about working hard, but working smart. Effectively marketing your auto repair shop requires a mix of both traditional and modern strategies. It’s about understanding your audience, while positioning your brand strategically, and offering genuine value.

When you find yourself at a fork in the road, unsure how to leverage marketing for your auto repair shop, remember that our expert help is just a click away. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

You Net Results Is Here For You!

Contact You Net Results today, so we can help you start the process. Book a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis and his team will help you create the best marketing strategy for your business. When you build trust, showcase expertise, you ensure repeat business. Let’s make November the best month of your business life!

As an auto repair shop owner, we’re sure you understand the importance of a reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable team. However, to find and mentor the right talent is more complex than ordering parts for a tune-up. But not to worry, that’s why we are here to guide you!

In this blog, we’ll share expert insights on how to build exceptional auto repair team, then guide them. If you ever need personalized help, schedule an appointment with us at You Net Results.

The Importance of a Strong Team

Before diving into the steps to build your team, it’s crucial to understand why a strong team is vital for your auto repair shop. A skilled team brings in the required skills, elevates customer satisfaction, and promotes a positive workplace. These factors directly impact your bottom line, making team building and mentorship non-negotiable elements in your business plan.

Recruitment: The Foundation of Your Team

The first step to building a formidable team is to get the right people. As much as possible, pay attention to the following:

  1. Identifying Core Competencies: List the technical skills, certifications, and soft skills essential for your shop.
  2. Advertising: Utilize job boards, social media, and industry contacts to reach potential candidates. Ensure your job postings clearly articulate the skills and experience you seek.
  3. Interview Process: During the interviews, assess technical prowess and soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

Training: Equip Your Team for Success

Don’t stop there once you’ve found and recruited the right people for your company. Go the extra mile and provide them with the following:

  1. Orientation: Give new hires an overview of your shop’s operations, safety protocols, and customer service expectations.
  2. Skill Training: Use hands-on training and mentorship programs to bridge the skill gaps in your new hires.
  3. Continuous Learning: Encourage and facilitate ongoing training programs, industry certifications, and courses.

Standard Operating Procedures are also key here! 

The Key to Retention? Mentor Your Team

Many employers often overlook this part, but you shouldn’t. Your business grows significantly depending on how much improvement and growth is happening to your employees. To ensure this, make sure to embrace:

  1. Pairing: Matchless experienced team members with seasoned professionals for mentorship.
  2. Scheduled Check-ins: Hold weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one meetings in order to discuss performance, concerns, and opportunities for improvement.
  3. Professional Development Plans: Work with your team members to create personalized growth plans, setting achievable milestones.

Team Building for Mentors: Beyond Skills and Tools

As you train, also ensure you are fostering teamwork among your employees. Use; 

  1. Team Meetings: Conduct regular meetings to address issues and celebrate achievements.
  2. Incentives: Offer bonuses, raises, and other incentives to motivate and reward your team.
  3. Work-Life Balance: Promote a wholesome work-life balance with both flexible schedules and paid time off.

Measuring Success: KPIs for Your Team

Keep an eye on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Average repair time
  • Employee turnover rates
  • Revenue per employee

These metrics will help you gauge the efficiency of your team-building, as well as your  mentorship efforts.

Next Steps to Build and Mentor Your Staff

Building and mentoring an auto repair team is a long-term investment. Still, the rewards are many: happier employees, satisfied customers, and a healthier bottom line. At You Net Results, we believe in empowering auto repair shop owners with both the tools and the knowledge to excel. Our coaching programs are designed to address your specific challenges and provide practical solutions for achieving your business goals. When the landscape is competitive, you can’t afford to settle for a mid level team. Partner with us so you can make your staff your greatest asset!

You Net Results Is Here For You! 

Contact You Net Results today, so we can help you begin the process. Book a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis & team will help you build your leadership foundation and plug you into a vast network of auto repair shops, working together to strengthen the industry! Let’s make October the best month of your business life!

How do auto repair shop owners achieve work/life balance - so they can stop and breathe?

Photo by Max on Unsplash

Business owner are often caught in a never-ending work cycle. You may have started your business with passion and enthusiasm. Over time, though, the demands of ownership can take a toll on your personal life. Long hours, constant decision making, and the pressure to meet customer expectations leave you overwhelmed and burnt out. This is where achieving a work/life balance becomes essential for your well being and the success of your shop.

In this blog, we will explore a very important part of work/life balance. Delegating responsibilities to your team empowers them to take ownership of their roles. This can significantly improve your work/life balance. So what should you consider doing to maintain a healthy work/life balance as an auto repair shop owner? Below are a few helpful tips. 

Delegate to Empower

One of the critical steps in regaining work/life balance is learning to delegate effectively. Many shop owners hesitate to delegate tasks, fearing that no one can handle responsibilities as well as they can. However, not delegating only leads to an unsustainable workload and limited growth for your shop. Empowering your team by delegating tasks and responsibilities will give you more time for personal matters and foster a sense of ownership among your employees.

By gradually assigning tasks and providing the necessary support, you allow your team members to grow and take ownership of their roles. This boosts their confidence and produces a positive work environment where everyone is invested in the shop’s success.

Consider Coaching

We understand that delegating and empowering your team may initially seem challenging. You’re unsure if they can handle this task in your absence or if you can trust them with some of the best things you do. 

How did we know this? Well, at You Net Results, we are experienced coaches in the auto repair industry and have worked with numerous shop owners facing similar struggles. But the good news is that our coaching groups are designed to provide you with the tools and strategies to effectively delegate tasks, communicate expectations, and build a high-performing team.

For instance, our coaching process involves identifying your challenges and tailoring a plan that aligns with your goals. Through our guidance, you will learn to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, allowing you to delegate tasks to the right individuals and nurture their growth. As you gradually release control and trust your team, you’ll have more time to focus on personal pursuits and enjoy a healthier work/life balance.

Be Mindful

One important way to balance your work and life is to be mindful of which one you’re in. If you’re thinking, “What? I know I’m at work when I’m at the auto shop…and I know I’m at home when I’m at home,” consider how many times you think about your business while at home. Are you mentally adding up numbers when the kids are playing soccer? Have you been thinking about new marketing options during date night?

Being mindful is ensuring you’re in the moment wherever you are. It’s impossible to have a work-life balance if you are mentally at work while you’re at home! Just being conscious of this distinction can be vital in helping you find balance. 

Benefits of Achieving Work/Life Balance

Regaining control over your work/life balance offers numerous benefits, not just for you but also for your shop’s overall success. Here are some advantages you can expect:

  • Reduced Stress: A balanced life decreases stress levels, leading to better decision-making and improved overall well-being.
  • Increased Productivity: By focusing on essential tasks and empowering your team, you create an efficient and productive work environment.
  • Enhanced Employee Retention: When your team feels valued and trusted, they will likely stay committed to the shop long-term.
  • Business Growth: With a well-functioning team, you can concentrate on strategic planning and business expansion.

Work/Life Balance – Conclusion

Finding a work/life balance as an auto repair shop owner is undoubtedly challenging, but it’s not impossible. By embracing the power of delegation and empowering your team to own  their roles, you can achieve a healthier balance between your personal and professional life. 

You Net Results Can Help

Do you struggle to find a work/life balance and want to take the first step towards positive change? Then You Net Results is here to support you. We tailor our coaching services to meet the unique needs of auto repair shop owners like you. 

Contact You Net Results today, and let us help you begin the process. Book a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis and his team will help you discover your team members’ super powers. Learn how to delegate tasks so that you can get the work/life balance you so deserve. Let’s make September the best month of your business life!

Increase efficiency and reduce your costs by measuring your auto repair shop processes!

As business coaching company for auto repair shop owners, one crucial aspect we’ve seen shops neglect is measuring processes. Precision helps shop owners find issues, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. This article stresses computing auto repair processes, so let’s dive in!

Introduction: Insights Into Efficiency

Running an auto repair shop comes with its own set of challenges. From handling customer expectations to making complex repairs, there is a lot on a shop owner’s plate. However, many shop owners don’t realize the power of gauging the steps taken for each repair. You can gain valuable insights into your operations and make data-driven choices by tracking and analyzing key metrics.

Importance of Measuring Auto Repair Processes

Identifying Inefficiencies

Measuring auto repair processes shines a light on shortfalls that cost your shop both time and money. Pinpoint areas of improvement by tracking metrics such as cycle time and first-time fix rate. Do certain repair jobs always take longer than expected? That may indicate a need for either more training or better workflow.

Reducing Cost

Cost control is a top priority for any business owner. Auto repair shops are no exception. Measuring your repair processes helps identify ways to save money. Analyze metrics like technician yield and parts usage. Those could uncover expenses to reduce, all without losing quality. This can then lead to big savings over time.

Improving Efficiency

Efficiency is vital to running a successful auto repair shop. Measuring each process helps you identify holdups and simplify operations. By tracking metrics related to workflow and resource usage, you can adjust them in order to optimize efficiency. This leads to both faster turnaround times, and increased customer satisfaction. Not to mention higher profits!

Implementing a Measurement System to Increase Efficiency

Installing a measurement system for your auto repair processes requires careful planning and execution. Follow the steps below:

Define Your Goals

Start by clearly stating your goals. What specific outcomes do you want to achieve? Examples could include reducing cycle time by 20%, or increasing the first-time fix rate to 90%. Define clear goals in order to guide your measurement efforts.

Select Appropriate Metrics

Choose metrics that both align with your goals and provide the right insights. Consider critical metrics like cycle time, first time fix rate, technician output, and customer satisfaction. Tailor the metrics to your shop’s unique needs and goals.

Collecting and Analyzing Data

Establish a way to collect and analyze your chosen metrics’ data. You may need to use niche software or manual tracking methods. Ensure that the data collection process is accurate and consistent, as well as reliable.

Taking Action

Collecting data is only valuable if you take action. Regularly review the data and note your problem areas. Work with your team to write action plans and make changes, in order to address shortfalls and improve every aspect of your business.

Benefits of Measuring Auto Repair Processes

The perks of gauging your auto repair processes are numerous. Here are some rewards you can expect:

Identifying What’s Blocking Your Efficiency

When you measure your repair actions, you can identify bottlenecks that hinder workflow. Does a specific repair task take too long? Do you have too few resources? Then address these shortfalls for the highest efficiency.

Streamlining Operations

Measure your auto repair approaches in order to streamline tasks. This eliminates steps that are both needless and redundant. Optimizing workflow, resources, and communication improves your overall efficiency. This will reduce both errors and delays.

Enhancing Customer Experience

A precise, efficient repair process creates a better customer experience. Exceed customer trust and foster loyalty by reducing repair times, increasing first-time fix rates, and delivering exceptional service. Satisfied customers are more likely to both return and recommend your shop to others.

Conclusion: Measuring Processes For Efficiency

Measuring your auto repair processes can both reduce costs and improves efficiency. When you track key metrics, find problem areas, and make data driven changes, you can streamline tasks and provide a better customer service. Don’t count out the impact measurement can have on success.

You Net Results

Contact You Net Results today to begin the process. Book a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis and our team will help you start your leadership foundation. Our vast network of auto repair shops works together to build up the industry. Let’s make August the best month of your business life!

As an auto repair shop owner, you know how important it is to market your business to attract new customers. But with so many marketing tactics available, it can be difficult to know which strategies are most effective. One important metric to pay attention to is your clickthrough rate (CTR), which can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing efforts.

What Is Clickthrough Rate (CTR)?

CTR is a metric that measures the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of impressions, or views, it receives. In other words, it’s the percentage of people who click on your ad after seeing it. For example, if your ad has 100 impressions and 10 clicks, your CTR is 10%.

How Does Clickthrough Rate Affect My Auto Repair Marketing?

CTR is an important metric because it can give you insights into how well your marketing efforts are performing.

Clickthrough Rate for Auto Repair - CTRA high CTR indicates that your ad is resonating with your target audience and compelling them to take action. On the other hand, a low CTR may indicate that your ad is not relevant or engaging to your target audience.

In addition, CTR can affect your ad rank, which then determines where your ad appears in search engine results pages. A higher Clickthrough Rate can lead to a higher ad rank, which can improve the visibility and reach of your ad.

How Can I Improve My Auto Repair Shop’s CTR?

There are several strategies you can use to improve your Clickthrough Rate and make your auto repair marketing more effective:

Use targeted keywords

Using relevant, targeted keywords in your ad copy can help ensure that your ad appears to the right audience. Research keywords that are relevant to your business, so you can include them in your ad copy and headlines.

Write compelling ad copy

Your ad copy should be both engaging and compelling, highlighting the unique value of your auto repair services. Use clear, concise language, so it will speak directly to your target audience.

Test different ad formats

When you experiment with different ad formats, such as text, image, or video ads, you will see which formats perform best for your business. Test different headlines, descriptions, and calls to action to see which combinations drive the most clicks.

Optimize your landing pages

Make sure that your landing pages are optimized for the keywords and messaging used in your ads. Your landing page should provide a clear and compelling offer, so it encourages visitors to take action.

Conclusion: Monitor Your Clickthrough Rate for Better Auto Repair Marketing Results

By monitoring your Clickthrough Rate and taking steps to improve it, you can make your auto repair marketing more effective and reach more potential customers. Use targeted keywords, write compelling ad copy, experiment with different ad formats, and optimize your landing pages to drive more clicks and improve your ad rank.

You Net Results

Contact You Net Results today, and let us help you begin the process. Book a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis and his team will help you build your leadership foundation and plug you into a vast network of auto repair shops, working together to strengthen the industry! Let’s make July the best month of your business life!

Join Brian Gillis and our YNR members in this Advisor Results Academy call and you will learn some crucial Auto Repair Sales Techniques! It is so very important for your auto repair shop Service Advisors to exude confidence, while remaining both friendly and helpful. It is time that your Service Writers learned the phone skills that they need to sell more auto repair jobs.

Automotive Repair Service Advisors can use auto repair sales techniques on the phone to assume the saleAuto Repair Sales Techniques That Your Service Advisor Can Use Today

In this short but informative clip, Brian starts out by quizzing Nick on one example of many auto repair sales techniques. Nick replies with “Assume the Sale”.

Brian states bluntly that you will close more repair orders when you assume the sale. Positive language is embedded in each of the phone scripts YNR trained Service Advisors use. Don’t ask “is it okay if we do this repair?” That language sounds timid, and lacking in confidence as well. Instead, tell the customer that you’re going to go ahead and have (insert the name of your technician) get started on these repairs. Then ask what the best phone number is to reach them.

When you use timid language, you leave room for doubt. You give the customer an opening to start thinking about other options. Those options could be consulting with their spouse, or price shopping with your competitors. When you use auto repair sales techniques, such as “assume the sale”, you put their mind at ease. It’s so much easier to go ahead and get that repair done now by qualified technicians, rather than wasting time by exploring other options.

Is Your Auto Repair Shop Ready For The Next Step? Book Your FREE Strategy Session!

Brian Gillis - You Net ResultsYour independent automotive repair shop is lacking in direction. Maybe your business plan has stalled out. You are definitely not meeting your goals for growth. You need an experienced automotive industry coach who can help you. Then why not schedule a FREE business strategy session with You Net Results guide Brian Gillis? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, so sign up today!

You Net Results owner and guide Brian Gillis talks about how to increase auto repair sales using the Oil Change Chain. Oil changes are the lifeblood of your auto repair shop. You could even say they are a crucial loss leader.

When you blow off an oil change request, you may be rejecting a potential lifetime customer. For example, they may only come in for an oil change today. The next visit may be just for an oil change, too. On the third or fourth link in the oil change chain, they may need a higher cost service, such as a 60k maintenance or a brake job.

Remember: Your Ticket Average does not pay the bills – total sales does! Don’t break the chain! Creating lifelong customers is a long game, so patience is key.

Oil Change Chain - Replacing automotive fluids is just the beginning.The Oil Change Chain – Setting The Table

Brian opens up the clip discussing “real world language”. When we visit a foreign country, we want to know a little bit of the language in order to get around. In the automotive repair industry, a phrase we should all learn is “the oil change chain”. This phrase is such an important part of the language that makes up a repair shop’s “YES” culture.

What is the most requested service in an automotive shop? If you answered an “oil change”, you are correct. Everybody knows how important it is to regularly change your engine oil, so you don’t ruin your vehicle. Think back to the first time you met your most loyal customers. What need brought them into your shop? Again, it most likely was an oil change.

Some Service Advisors cringe at the thought of ringing up another oil change. Their ticket average is about to go in the tank. Well, that is short sighted thinking. As we mentioned earlier, your focus should not be on a short term ticket average. Rather, your total sales pay the bills.

Defining The Oil Change Chain And Explaining Its Importance

In order to fully explain the Oil Change Chain concept, Brian produces an actual chain for a visual aid. Each link in this chain represents a job the customer has done. The first three links in this particular chain were mere oil changes. On the fourth visit, however, the customer needed a higher ticket service: a brake job. The next two links represented oil changes, but on the seventh visit, the customer needed a 60,000 mile service. Two more oil changes followed, then a water pump replacement.

What if you blew that customer off when they needed one of those oil changes? “We’re too busy today. What about tomorrow or another day?” If you don’t say yes to their small request and find a way to fit them in, guess what? They will find another shop that will, and then that shop will reap the benefits of future high ticket repairs. Leaving out one link in the chain in the form of an inexpensive oil change just cost your shop the benefits of the whole oil change chain.

Is Your Auto Repair Shop Ready For The Next Step? Book Your FREE Strategy Session!

Brian Gillis - You Net ResultsYour independent automotive repair shop is lacking in direction. Maybe your business plan has stalled out. You are definitely not meeting your goals for growth. You need an experienced automotive industry coach who can help you. Then why not schedule a FREE business strategy session with You Net Results guide Brian Gillis? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, so sign up today!

You have heard the phrase “Buy Low, Sell High” in regards to United States stock market on Wall Street. How about in reference to your auto repair parts margin? Just how important is pricing auto parts in the automotive repair business?

Order the right auto parts for the job, but protect your parts margin in the process!Buy Parts at the Right Price So You Can Protect Your Shop’s Parts Margin

When you buy a water pump for an auto repair job, for example, it may seem like it is a small expense. However, when you consistently forego the process of parts shopping, your parts margin can really get off balance.

When shopping, are you going with the cheapest part you can find online every time out? Those choices can come back to bite you as well! It literally pays off when you take the time in order to compare the parts available to you. In many instances, you may be able to a smaller price for the exact same part. Then you can mark them up for the repair job.

We are not suggesting that you price gouge your valued customers. When you take the time to look up parts, order them online, and inspect them upon receiving them, it is a job in itself. This is not to mention the cost of sending an employee out to O’Reilly or AutoZone in person for a rush job. Your time is worth money, and so is your employees’, so don’t sell yourself short! Parts margin may seem like a small piece of your overall financial picture, but it adds up quickly.

Ready For The Next Step? Book Your FREE Strategy Session!

Brian Gillis - You Net ResultsYour auto repair shop lacks direction. Maybe your business plan has stalled out, and you aren’t meeting your goals. You need an experienced automotive industry coach to help you. Then why not schedule a FREE business strategy session with You Net Results guide Brian Gillis? You’ve got nothing to lose, so sign up today!

This clip is from our Clear Counter Communications Zoom video series. You Net Results Guide Brian Gillis explains the important and underutilized concept of Payoff Gestures to YNR members. Your Automotive Service Advisors can use these subtle, yet powerful, techniques in order to help them increase their repair job sales. They also help your Service Writers to explain regular maintenance and needed repairs to your customers.

Service advisors can make more auto repair sales when they learn payoff gestures.Your Service Advisors Need To Learn Payoff Gestures

Whether your auto repair shop’s Service Advisors are on the phone with a client, or speaking with them face to face, their physical gestures can and will make a difference. Some examples of these payoff gestures can include standing up and sitting back down in their chairs while speaking. Using their hands and employing various facial expressions while talking with customers is also helpful. Small inflections can result in big results for your independent auto repair shop!

Each and every one of these payoff gestures can tell their very own unique story. Additionally, these methods will give different signals to each one your valued clients.

Some customers may respond better to certain payoff gestures than other ones. It is all in the process of getting to know them better. Guess what? That is also a key component in converting first time clients to loyal repeat customers!

Ready For The Next Step? Then Book Your FREE Strategy Session!

Brian Gillis - You Net ResultsYour independent auto repair shop is lacking in its overall direction. Maybe your shop’s business plan has stalled out. You definitely are not meeting your goals for growth. Face it, you are in need of an experienced, skilled automotive industry coach that can help you. Then why not schedule a FREE business strategy session with You Net Results Guide Brian Gillis? You have got nothing to lose, so sign up today!