Auto Repair Coaching Group Roundtable (General Manager Process Clip)

General Manager Clip - Coaching Groups Build Confident Leaders

General Manager Clip - Coaching Groups Build Confident Leaders

Check out this clip from our members-only live General Manager Process meeting, originally aired May 12, 2020. Firstly, Brian sparks a roundtable discussion. Veteran shop owners then reveal what it means to be a confident auto repair shop leader. Each member agrees that when you regularly participate in an auto repair coaching group, it is key to building confidence.

Auto repair coaching groups will build your confidence, and your staff will be confident in you, too!

Both automotive owners and general managers chime in to stress modeling systems to their employees. Thus, automotive staff respond best to confident, consistent leaders.

Afterward, the group reads bullet points in the You Net Results brand script, which outlines our mission as a company. It also ties into this clip’s theme of repair shop owners and managers training together and supporting each other.

Finally, Brian discusses the concept of silent thieves. When you don’t put the right processes in place, chaos sneaks in and then money sneaks out. If you don’t activate the right systems and processes, then you will be powerless to prevent these thieves from robbing you blind!

Auto repair coaching group for general managers

Are you a directionless general manager? Silent thieves might be bleeding your business dry, but there is still hope for you! Learn how to master finances, daily operations, phone skills, service advisor training, as well as intangibles only experienced pros know. Sign up for one of our coaching groups today!

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