Action Flow Charts - Power of Consistency for Auto Repair Shop OwnersAt You Net Results, we facilitate coaching groups for auto repair shop owners. We are here in order to help you reach a turnaround point. You will emerge from the experience transformed from a business owner to a confident business leader, thus eliminating your silent thieves with the power of consistency. How? With Action Flow Charts!

Fellow Shop Owners on Action Flow Charts©


There’s a lot of different ways you can use them. You can use it for the diagnostic routine in the office as well. Start an Action Flow Chart for training a service advisor. I would think you could use it for about anything.

Andy Arndt

The McCaskey Brothers Without Action Flow Charts

Yesterday, I was driving along the road when I saw two guys on the edge of the town park. One worker dug a hole while the other man filled it up. I was perplexed, so I had to stop and ask what was going on.

“We’re the McCaskey brothers, and we are planting trees for the town.” Then I asked them, “Why do you dig a hole, and then you then fill it in?” Sean then spoke up, saying “I’m Sean, and this is my brother Paddy, but our 3rd brother Francis is out sick today. So we carried on without him.”

– Rhett Smith, Shop Owner of Jim Smith’s Garage in Westminster, SC

What if the McCaskey brothers had a series of documented systems and processes about their job duties? Wouldn’t it help them when one of the brothers was out sick?

Need the Power of Consistency?
Then You Need Action Flow Charts©!

Printed Action Flow Charts

Something Got Lost in the Telling

First, the customer tells the Service Advisor something. Then the Service Advisor tells the Technician something. Then the Technician tells the Service Advisor something. The Service Advisor then tells the customer something. Then the Service Advisor tells the Technician something.

Do you think when these people talk about “something”, it remains accurate? Can you see now how that the “something” could be messed up? Do you anticipate “something” issues may arise when the conversation continues?

There is a solution. You can fix this, because we have your “something” fix.

Action Flow Charts Illustration - how it works for customers, service advisors, and technicians

50+ Action Flow Charts© – $579.00 ONE TIME Investment Required.

Making Confident Service Advisors


Looking at my operation and the way I run things, I’m ready to go forward with these Action Flow Charts. It’s because of everything I learned about SOPs from our past coaching now I can add these Action Flow Charts to my How-to Manual.

Jerry Kaminski

Whatever your “something” may be, we have your fix! Sign up for over 50 Action-Flow-Charts© so you can get your staff on track!

50+ Action Flow Charts© – $579.00 ONE TIME Investment

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