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Brian Gillis - You Net ResultsBrian Gillis, Owner and Guide
(678) 910-1401 (call or text)

Brian is the Chief You Net Results Strategist, with 25+ years experience in auto shop operations, hiring, recruiting, systems, processes, multi-store experience, and employee training.

More about Brian Gillis…

  • 25+ Years owning and operating auto repair shops in Texas, Georgia and Colorado, multi-unit stores
  • Hired and Trained over 2000 staff members
  • Budgeting and Profits Brian’s Specialty
  • Smooth as silk with customers

Articles featuring Brian

“America’s Service Station starts night owl service”  – Biz Journals
“At Your Service” – Ratchet + Wrench
“Winning Customers through Convenience” – Ratchet + Wrench



Jim Ryckman - You Net Results staffJim Ryckman, Guide
(585) 370-1987 (call or text)

About Jim Ryckman…

  • Founder and Operator of Rytek Automotive
  • Moved from Business Owner to
    Business Leader
  • Automotive Technician Trained
  • Level 3 Leader
  • 25+ years of business know how
  • Dollar Time Facilitator
  • Zoom Meeting Presenter
  • Fluent in the Turnaround Tour Language
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