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Thank you so much for all your help and training. I have enrolled many service advisors in many different training programs. Yours blows them all away. I am also really excited about the General Manager and Owner training we are doing as well.

– Kevin Paul, Alpha Automotive

YOU NET RESULTS “YOU” Philosophy of Auto Repair management training

“YOU” is definitely one of the most powerful three letter words in existence. Who is the Hero of your story? You are! Heroes face challenges, by definition. Therefore, the odds are that your repair business is facing major challenges right now. Couldn’t you use a Guide then? The team at YOU NET RESULTS is ready, willing, and able to be your Guides so you can decide what success is for you. This means that you define your own Net Results and your own level of Leadership, as well as your own level of Management. Are you ready for interactive, 2020s auto repair management training? Then read on!

The YOU NET RESULTS Logo tells YOUR Auto repair management training story

You Net Results auto repair management trainingYou create your own NET Results and you alone accelerate the steps upward. How far you go above the arrow is solely up to you. If you slip back down later, then it’s up to you to climb your way back up.

There are many “Silent Thieves” lurking in your auto repair business, and they are costing you big money every day! These thieves include, but are not limited to:

  • Poor Leadership and Management Processes
  • Lax Front Counter Processes
  • Subpar Staffing Processes
  • Disappointing Financial Processes

Brian and his team have been a great addition to our Service team’s training! We have had the opportunity to send multiple advisors to two different rounds of training lead by Brian and his staff. Brian’s experience and knowledge of all facets of our industry has brought our staff to a whole new level!

– Jon Kloosterman, Westside Auto Group

Let us help you move from Poor to Better to Best!

You learn it – You use it – You teach it! You learn the processes, you use the processes, and, eventually,  you will then be competent enough teach the processes! All of this is possible with Brian’s expert guidance, since each of them have over 25 years of owning and operating their own automotive service centers.

When you’re ready, then processes will advance you from Business Owner to Business Leader. You Net Results is now here to help you become a Five YOUTOOL Player:

  1. Financial
  2. Leadership
  3. Management
  4. Strategic
  5. Tactical

Auto repair mechanic with customer and tire - automotive management trainingYou own your leadership! You develop the leader within you, and then you develop the leaders around you!

Before you can take action, you must recognize that everything you do is a process:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • General Managing
  • Financial
  • Daily Operations
  • People

Thanks again – just look at the June financials. 10k net profit on a $34K month; Raised labor rate 6-1. CAREFULLY watched the parts matrix to achieve the desired goal.

– Rhett Smith, Jim Smith’s Garage

You must finally find your own Turnaround Point. When you do, you will reach your own desired results for Leadership, Management, Financial, Daily Operations, and relating with your People.


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