Let’s talk about the Bid Sheet Form. This is a critical step in the process of writing up repair orders. Your automotive shop’s Technician must fill out this sheet thoroughly and accurately to ensure the customers have a smooth vehicle repair experience experience. If you are not using a bid sheet or a form like it, your repair process is not as efficient as it could be. Listen in as Brian Gillis walks YNR members through the form and explains its place in the key to key process.

Two Auto Repair Technicians fill out the Bid Sheet Form for Parts and Labor on Automotive Shop Repair OrderUsing The Bid Sheet Form – Real World Examples

In this clip from a recent Virtual Clinic session, Brian continues discussing the Full System Isolate process. He introduces the Bid Sheet Form. This form lists out any parts that may need to be replaced, as well as describing the labor that will be needed, the time it will take, and why.

Next, Brian calls on Kyle from Transolution to walk through each field on the sample form. While the fields on the left will be brief, the parts listed on the right will be more detailed. The left column consists of a quick description of the necessary labor. It also lists an estimated labor time, which is available in your guide. There is a field that asks “Why?” in the left column. Your Repair Order should already detail this information. However, there is room to add to it if necessary.

On the right column, your Tech will list out all parts needed for the repair, as well as how many gallons of fluid, and other specific details. Make sure they are thorough when they detail all of this information. Brian gives an example of how catastrophe unfolded in one of his shops when Technician missed listing a needed part on the Bid Sheet Form. The customer accepted the job, but the Tech did not list out the intake gasket. He assumed that the Service Advisor would know the job required that part, and was only concerned with the labor time. Of course, the shop ended up eating the cost of the parts.

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How can an Auto Repair Shop Business Owner become a Confident Leader?

How can an Auto Repair Shop Business Owner become a Confident Leader?

Are you an auto repair shop owner looking to transform your business? Do you need to evolve from a mere business owner into a confident leader? At You Net Results, we understand the distinct challenges of running an auto repair shop. 

That’s why we will guide you through the essential steps to master a turnaround for your business. Whether you’re facing financial difficulties, struggling with team management, or simply looking to take your shop to the next level, we’ve got you covered.

The Road to Transformation For an Auto Repair Business Owner

As a business owner, you know why it’s important to keep up with the changes in the  automotive industry. However, in addition to technical skills are not enough. You must master leadership in order to navigate the business side. Below, we explore the key strategies and insights to help you become a confident leader in the auto repair industry.

Assess Your Current Situation

The first step in any turnaround is assessing your current situation honestly. Are you experiencing declining profits, struggling to attract new customers, or facing internal conflicts within your team? Identifying your pain points will help you tailor a specific action plan to address your challenges.

Define Your Leadership Style

Successful turnaround starts with strong leadership. At You Net Results, we’ll help you identify your leadership style, as well as areas needing improvement. Whether you’re a hands-on leader or prefer a more strategic approach, knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you make informed decisions.

Team Development

Your staff is the backbone of your auto repair shop. A confident leader understands the importance of both team development and effective communication. We’ll provide you with tools and strategies to build a motivated and productive team that shares your vision for the business.

Financial Management

Financial challenges can be a significant roadblock for many auto repair shop owners. We will work with you to create a sustainable financial plan, from budgeting to revenue optimization, to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Customer Experience

In today’s competitive market, excellent customer service is non-negotiable. Our team at You Net Results will help you create a customer-centric approach, improving your shop’s reputation and attracting a loyal client base.

A Business Owner Guide To Becoming a Confident Leader

Confident leadership doesn’t just come by wishing it; You must possess certain qualities such as:

Decision Making When a Business Owner Wants to Become a Better Leader

Confident leaders should not be afraid to make tough decisions. That’s why at You Net Results, we show you how to make strategic decisions, and manage risks, as well as create a staff culture of accountability.

Time Management

When you are an auto repair shop business owner, your time is precious. We teach you how to manage your time effectively and delegate tasks, so you can prioritize activities that impact your business the most.

Continuous Learning for a Business Owner

The automotive industry is constantly evolving. Therefore as a leader, you must stay informed. We’ll help you develop a habit of continuous learning, so you can stay ahead of industry trends, and adapt to change.

We Want To Help Your Business Grow At You Net Results

Mastering a turnaround from a business owner to a confident leader in the auto repair industry is a journey requiring dedication, perseverance, and the right guidance. When you trust You Net Results to guide your business, we will support you every step of the way. Our experience working with auto repair shop owners has given us invaluable insights into the unique challenges you face. Remember, your success is also our success. 

Are you ready to transform your auto repair business by becoming a confident leader? Then  schedule an appointment with us. Together, we’ll pave the way for a brighter future for your shop and establish your authority in the auto repair industry.

Check out this clip from our General Manager Process online Zoom meeting. Members can watch the whole discussion in our You Net Results members library. In this video clip, our own Brian Gillis asked a roundtable of automotive repair Owners and GM’s to list ten things that every General Manager must do well. Once our discussion was done, we had compiled a comprehensive list of duties. When you read through them all and focus on each one today, then you will truly up your game!

Tasks 1-3 for Effective General Managers

After Brian set the table for our YNR members, he called on veteran shop owner Jerry Kaminski of AutoWise Car Care. Jerry suggested that keeping an eye on your numbers is an imperative move. Whether you review your financial records daily or monthly, taking a regular look is key.

Next, Andy Arndt stressed how important it is to delegate tasks you can’t make time for yourself to your staff. No matter how skilled you are, you can not do it all! You must trust your staff to take some of the workload off of your already full plate. Your time is valuable! If a general manager is stuck under a car, he or she can’t handle their administrative duties.

Task Three that a general manager must do well means both finding and maintaining the right staff. Jim Ryckman invoked the acronym PAHR – Prepare, Attract, Hire, Retain, which is the method we teach for staffing. Without the right crew on hand, none of these other tasks are possible.

GM Duties 4-6

Our friend Dana stressed that good communication skills are essential in any management situation. You must stay cool under pressure, and learn the right things to say to both your staff and concerned customers. Above all else, listen!

Brian then called on Bart Brown, who listed leadership as his GM task of choice. Repair shop General Managers must continually train in, and then put into practice, the methods they learn in order to guide their team. The importance of having the proper leadership vision can not be underestimated.

Edward Couture then weighed in with two more tasks that every GM must master. In order to improve workflow, you must learn to manage your time well. Edward credits his time management skills with many of his own business successes over the years.

Tasks 7-8 that a General Manager Must Do Well

General Managers must get buy-in from their staff

General Managers must get buy-in from their staff

Edward continued by saying that all managers must learn to be diplomatic. When you are managing a team of skilled automotive technicians and service advisors, conflicts will inevitably arise.

You should not show any favoritism between your children. In much the same way, you must learn to step in and resolve the disagreements between your staff, whether they are personal ones or professional ones.

Leon told us that every owner, as well as every manager, needs to designate a time one day per week to focus on the business itself. We have always taught this crucial concept as “Working On It Tuesdays”.

It is so easy for us to get caught up in the day to day tasks going on in an automotive repair shop. If you do not reserve a block of time to work on the nuts and bolts of your business, then it is not going to happen. Go in your office for an hour and shut the door. Don’t forget to also tell your crew that you are not to be bothered for that hour.

During that time, study the methods that will increase your effectiveness as both a leader and a general manager. It will save you countless headaches and so much time down the line. Do not do this at home! Operating hours are for business, so you need to take that time to find perspective. Then go home and recharge with your family.

GM Checklist, Tasks 9-10

Next in line, Jerry Kaminski returned to stress the importance of writing and training systems (SOPs). Writing down every task that runs a shop is necessary to get buy-in from your staff. When everyone knows the who, what, when, where, why, and how, they don’t have to hunt you down to ask!

Finally, Andy Arndt mentioned that all General Managers must motivate their teams. Remind your staff members regularly that you are working toward a common goal. Share your vision when you hold your daily and weekly team meetings. When your technicians and service writers are in tune with that vision, then your shop will run like a well oiled machine!

General Manager Task List Review

To summarize this session, Brian then surveyed our group of experienced auto repair shop Owners and General Managers. They determined the following list of ten things that every GM must do in order to succeed:

  1. Review your shop’s numbers regularly
  2. Delegate tasks to your staff
  3. PAHR – Prepare, Attract, Hire, and Retain the right staff
  4. Master your communication skills
  5. Lead with a defined vision
  6. Manage your time wisely
  7. Be diplomatic with your team of employees
  8. Spend a set time working on the business one day each and every week (Working On It Tuesdays)
  9. Write and then train SOPs
  10. Motivate your team properly

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