vehicle intake form

In this clip from our recent Virtual Clinic online training class, Brian Gillis explains how a Vehicle Intake Form works in an auto repair shop. Line by line, Brian explains how this form pertains to managers and service advisors, as well as automotive technicians.

Mechanic Technician reviewing the vehicle intake form with a customer.Vehicle Intake Form – Step By Step

Brian starts the vehicle intake form explanation. Customers fill out this form in order to explain their vehicle’s needs. This document helps us to clarify these details for each member of our staff, as the car or truck moves from customer to advisor to technician.

One of our members had a vehicle intake form, which they had personalized for their shop. Brian used it as the example to explain each part of the form, including the authorization section on the back. Each attendee of this Virtual Clinic event had a blank form in their handout, so they could review the steps real time and adapt them. Our friend Luke explained the importance of the form, from avoiding confusion on which part needed service, to collecting the customer’s information in order to contact them.

When Brian continued, he ran through each section of the Vehicle Intake Form, noting the importance of the production date. This date can ensure an errant part delivery won’t hold up the repair process. Also, when the customer details the issue in their own words, there is no margin for error or confusion. This protects both the customer and the shop.

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