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SOP #0605 and SOP #0609


PAHR (we call it the Boston pronunciation of “PAR”) is a simple 4-step process that we developed to help organizations improve their hiring processes and increase their hiring and retention success. In 2013, we decided to create a process that captures much of what our company offers and give our clients some choices they can make to fit their differing needs. Throughout the process, you will find options for you to use in your organization.It is not meant to be all inclusive, but rather a starting point for you to create an effective plan.

SOP #605 – PAHR (Prepare – Attract – Hire – Retain)
SOP #609 – PAHR Process Word Doc


Powerpoint PDF


Here is a clip from our Management Process Workshop, which is available exclusively for YNR members! Our group is discussing how to use the hireMAX Job Pre-Planning form for the purpose of hiring new recruits. Norm Bobay’s well crafted document is an essential tool for recruiting the team your auto repair shop is looking for.

Brian begins by reviewing the information YNR members have access to in our library. Specifically, he takes us to Gary Gunn’s interview with Norm from our members only People Process section. Alongside the video interview are a series of document links. Brian reviews the Planning Form, then quizzes members on their search for a new Service Writer.

He points out some of the sections in the form that could help members on the call. Our members on the call also give great examples of “hard” and “soft” skills which are necessary for certain jobs. So many important skills go into being effective team members in the automotive industry. A lot of them may not come to mind until you start filling out the form. When filling out the form, do not overlook factors like basic communication skills, simple math, and computer knowhow. Even if you are hiring a mechanic or technician, these are crucial.

Plan your hiring process so you can build the right team!

Don’t go into your hiring process blind! Sit down and take the time to consider all the factors you should in order to screen in the right hire. Perhaps more importantly, you will need to know how you can screen out the wrong ones! Preparing a few minutes before you advertise the position will help you avoid headaches later on.

Sign up for one of our membership circle programs to access the form, as well as new Zoom meetings with fellow auto repair shop owners each week!

Calm = Confidence, and coaching groups build confident managers! This meeting was packed with valuable information for both Auto Repair Shop Owners and their staff.

  • Helicopter Ride
  • Mastery Management Module Review
  • HireMAX Review (Job Position Pre-Planning Form)


Powerpoint PDF

Norm Bobay – Hiremax

Norm has so graciously decided to share the following to help you lead your staff. The documents below cover hiring and continually mentoring your people. This way, you enhance your relationship in order to keep them working for you longer. Turnover of your staff is very costly. Let Norm teach you how to avoid it by being a student of people.

Here is Norm’s contact information:



Toll Free:


Document Downloads

PAHR – Prepare, Attract, Hire, and Retain

1. PAHR hireMAX Flyer
2. hireMAX PAHR Process
3. Job Position Pre-Planning Form

Orion Pre-Screen Assessment

4. ORION Brochure 2
5. Orion PE3 SAFE CS Sample
6. Price Orion (2019)

TTI Applicant and Staff Assessments Plus

7. TriMetrix DNA 25 DF Flyer
8. TriDNA Table of Contents
9. Sample TriMetrix DNA Management / Hire & Develop Report
10. Getting the Most from The TriMetrixDNA Report

TTI Job Benchmarking Assessments

11. Job Benchmarking Flyer
12. TriDNA Job Gap Report
13. Shop Owner Custom TriMEtrix DNA Job Report
14. Shop Owner Interview Rating Form
15. General Manager Custom TriDNA Job Report
16. General Manager Interview Rating Form
17. A-Technician Custom TriDNA Job Report
18. A-Technician Interview Rating Form
19. Service Advisor Custom TriMetrix DNA Job Report
20. Service Advisor Interview Rating Form
21. TriMetrix DNA Definitions & Interview Questions

TTI Learning Management System (LMS)

22. “Joe Sample” Personal Development Plan – FREE
23. Development Plan Website
24. LMS Brochure
25. LMS Pricing

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