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30-60-90 Principle

30-60-90 Principle

In this short clip from the May 20th, 2020 Front Counter Workshop meeting, Brian Gillis discusses a few scenarios that your automotive Service Writers might encounter. When your customers bring their vehicles in for recommended checkups at 30,000, 60,000, or 90,000 miles, Service Advisors must print out a checklist. During this regularly scheduled maintenance, it is important that both our front counter personnel and our technicians are as thorough as possible. Your car service system should always include making the right recommendations when you share the printout.

Car service system - returning key to customer30/60/90 Maintenance Discussion

The You Net Results members taking part in the call then propose some specific services we should recommend. What if the customer objects to your recommendation after that? Perhaps your customers who have read their manuals will reject recommendations when your auto repair Service Writers make them. “The manual does not recommend checking that part at this mileage amount, so I will opt out,” they may say.

Brian then guides us on how we should all respond when such instances as these occur. These are the must have core tenets in any car service system. They will build customers’ confidence, as well as maximize your profits, guaranteed!

Put the most effective car service system to work in your auto repair shop today!

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