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Let’s talk about the Bid Sheet Form. This is a critical step in the process of writing up repair orders. Your automotive shop’s Technician must fill out this sheet thoroughly and accurately to ensure the customers have a smooth vehicle repair experience experience. If you are not using a bid sheet or a form like it, your repair process is not as efficient as it could be. Listen in as Brian Gillis walks YNR members through the form and explains its place in the key to key process.

Two Auto Repair Technicians fill out the Bid Sheet Form for Parts and Labor on Automotive Shop Repair OrderUsing The Bid Sheet Form – Real World Examples

In this clip from a recent Virtual Clinic session, Brian continues discussing the Full System Isolate process. He introduces the Bid Sheet Form. This form lists out any parts that may need to be replaced, as well as describing the labor that will be needed, the time it will take, and why.

Next, Brian calls on Kyle from Transolution to walk through each field on the sample form. While the fields on the left will be brief, the parts listed on the right will be more detailed. The left column consists of a quick description of the necessary labor. It also lists an estimated labor time, which is available in your guide. There is a field that asks “Why?” in the left column. Your Repair Order should already detail this information. However, there is room to add to it if necessary.

On the right column, your Tech will list out all parts needed for the repair, as well as how many gallons of fluid, and other specific details. Make sure they are thorough when they detail all of this information. Brian gives an example of how catastrophe unfolded in one of his shops when Technician missed listing a needed part on the Bid Sheet Form. The customer accepted the job, but the Tech did not list out the intake gasket. He assumed that the Service Advisor would know the job required that part, and was only concerned with the labor time. Of course, the shop ended up eating the cost of the parts.

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