“We Are Open” Phone Script (Front Counter Workshop Clip)

Here’s a clip from a recent members only Front Counter training Zoom meeting. Brian and the group write a phone script for letting customers know that our auto repair shops are open and safe, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, our group opens up with some role playing. The owners and managers on the call pretend to make calls in order to reconnect with their past customers. They emphasize that auto repair shops are essential businesses, and also list a few steps that they are taking to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Next, it is important to list some of the perks your shop offers. These may be special procedures because of the coronavirus pandemic, or they may be regular features. Regardless, it is a great idea to remind your clients about them. These benefits could possibly include special oil change offers, or even your courtesy shuttle. Why not offer free pickup and delivery for their peace of mind? However, it is important to stay as brief as you can with your phone script. This way, you won’t take up too much of your clients’ time before asking them to come in for a tune up.

Phone Script Training session for Automotive Service Writers

While the end purpose if these calls is to drive sales, you may be surprised at the conversations that will spring up. Even though a deeper trust from your customers will lead to opportunities to upsell, letting them know you’re concerned about their health and safety is priceless. Your phone script must let them know you are open and you’re there for them.

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