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In this clip from our interview with Monty Moran, Brian pitches from Monty’s book “Love is Free, Guac is Extra”. Monty focuses on Top 10 Areas That Will Impact Your Business Most, specifically the top three.

Self Made Leadership Is A Myth

The Lone Wolf Approach to Leadership

We romanticize the image of the “Self-Made Man” and “Self-Made Woman” in American society. The idea is that this person pulled up their bootstraps and then walked out in the business wilderness as a lone wolf with no pack to help them. It makes for a great Liam Neeson movie, but what if we told you that this is exactly that? This leadership idea is fictional, and it doesn’t exist. There is no such thing as the “Self-Made Individual”. It’s a myth. Every successful person you know and every leader you aspire to be employed a support team which helped them navigate the wilds.

Leadership sometimes means leaning on your staff - trust other experts you work with!

Whether you realize it or not, you are where you are as a result both of your own hard work and the support of the people around you. All the teachers, parents, employees, friends, and mentors that were there for you through both thick and thin. They believe in you, and now it is time to see their value for what it is worth. You hone a set of behaviors over time called leadership skills. Just like the best teachers and coaches we know, you have to develop the skill in order to perfect it.

You Can Do This – It’s Proven to Work

Fixing the ingrained leadership faults and shortcomings that we believe we have is possible through practice and good coaching. While some people have that innate ability to lead, most people find their ability through trials and tribulations. The best leaders we know faced great hardships on their way up. You have the team and you have the support. Now, you just need to learn the best way to lead the charge for everyone.

Take the YOUTOOLS Leadership Journey with Brian Gillis

At You Net Results, we plug you into a powerful network of other business leaders, where you share and grow off of each other’s successes and hardships. We get rid of that lone wolf approach and then transform it into a true collaborative leadership mentality. People want to see that their leaders understand them, as well as the world around them. As a leader, it is important to see the value in the people around you; to enhance their ownership of their role in your business life.

We teach you about the “Silent Thieves” ruining your ability to lead and perform as a business effectively. Then, we help you fix your processes and procedures to meet those challenges. With the right procedures, team, and mindset, you can achieve anything. You Net Results can guide you down that path.

Are you ready? Let’s do this. 

Don’t be a lone wolf. Join our awesome community of industry leading business owners so you can become the leader you were meant to be! Let’s Maximize this Daily Operations Opportunity.

In order to find out more, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis will discuss your concerns, your strengths and help you find ways to improve your leadership skills and company culture. Not everyone is born a leader, but everyone can become a leader…

Why Kukui?

During a recent Daily Operations webinar, we invited Luke and Carl from Kukui to present their auto repair marketing service to our clients.

Auto Repair Marketing Service – Useful New Kukui Features

First, Carl lays out a new feature on Kukui sites, the live web chat box. Since many customers are more comfortable texting than calling, it’s a great solution. Today, customers perform over 70% of all searches from smartphones. Therefore, you must have a mobile friendly chat feature in order to discuss services in real time.

Additionally, Kukui now offers a new automated message service. Shops can use time based triggers for declined services, follow ups, and recommended services. The text service is extremely intelligent, reminding clients of services they may have declined before. This is a huge get, especially if you are an independent repair shop owner. You can customize this in order to make it more personal for your raving fans.

Carl then outlined Lead Scoring. Shop owners can use this tool to create a 1-10 scorecard for service advisors when they make phone calls. This will both help service writers to improve their game, and train new recruits on mastering their techniques. You may figure averages per employee or shop wide. Control all of these via an easy to use online dashboard.

More About Kukui

Auto Repair Marketing Service from KukuiNext, our guests break down Kukui’s background and mission for the few non-users on the call. Kukui offers scalable marketing software that any automotive repair business can use, from single bay shops to multi-store operations with hundreds of employees. No matter what your goal is, Kukui’s team of problem solvers can get you there.

Carl drilled down the components that help shops get found on Google. Kukui sites are mobile friendly, fast, and regularly updated with fresh content. These are must have SEO (Search Engine Optimization) components, no matter what industry you work in. Kukui have partnered with Google to ensure their auto repair websites are all approved.

Additionally, the layout of the site is critical to convert customers. Properly placing a shop’s branding, call to action buttons, reviews, and coupons on your website is critical if you want it to bring people in the door.

Perhaps most critical of all, Kukui offers full analytics of how your tools are performing. When you know what’s working and what’s not, you can tweak your settings on the fly to take maximum advantage.

Email marketing is also key to customer retention. Kukui offers full featured email marketing, with easy to use templates and the ability to import your existing list in CSV format. Stay in touch by sending reminders, thank you’s, and special offers, or ask for a review.

You can manage reviews, whether they are from Facebook, Google, or other sources, from your Kukui dashboard. The service also offers automated postcard mailing and tracks your results. You can also automate regular social media posts, and you can target the right prospects with the Customer Maps feature.

Try The Kukui Auto Repair Marketing Service For Yourself

After watching this video, we are confident that you’re ready to take the next step. Your auto repair business is poised for explosive growth! Click here and hit the “Refer Someone for a Demo” button today to get started!


Auto Repair Shop owners getting hyped about Automotive Processes and Systems

Photo from the June 2021 Automotive Training Conference

Do you agree with these FOUR statements about Automotive Processes and Systems?

  1. Automotive Processes and Systems run your business, whether they are written or unwritten.
  2. Your People run the Processes and Systems.
    __Yes __No
  3. Making your business process and systems dependent, rather than people dependent, is the major objective of the Manager
    __Yes __No
  4. Your Daily Operations Silver Bullets do not exist.
    __Yes __No

At You Net Results we utilize what we like to call “YOUTOOLS.” They are a set of automotive business tools that can help you manage your business better as you grow it.

Online and In-Person Training

Throughout COVID, we have been meeting together online. We review processes and systems that help businesses operate smoothly and thrive. We have all gone through many changes during the pandemic. Online learning has helped our businesses pivot and grow during these challenging times.

In June 2021, our 360 Full Circle Group met in Atlanta, GA, in order to share our auto repair businesses’ methods. Look at all of those smiling faces in the photo above after we saw each other in person, shared hugs, and broke bread together. What a great event!

We see such great success among the auto repair shops we coach at You Net Results! Because of that, we are, of course, continuing our online and in-person educational programs.

Now, let’s look at the answers to the questions asked above about automotive processes.

Yes, processes and systems help run your business. However, they are clearer and easier to reproduce when you write down those Standard Operating Procedures down. Congratulations if you have all of your processes documented. However, you are in trouble if they are stuck on a shelf in a three-ring binder collecting dust. They need to be living, breathing, updated SOPs in order to work effectively.

Yes, your people run the processes and systems. But the question remains, are they doing it correctly? If you’re not sure, take a look at what your customers say about your business — both good and bad. Can you identify what must be improved? Can you determine if anyone within your team is sabotaging your systems and processes? If yes, then we can help you determine how to regain control.

Yes, the Manager’s main objective is to make your business process and systems dependent, instead of people dependent. If you focus on the systems and processes, then your business is more scalable. Imagine if McDonald’s could only run if one specific person were present. Would the restaurant be able to stay open as long as needed if it was entirely people-dependent? We think not. Because of well-documented systems and processes, McDonald’s has evolved into a multi-billion dollar, worldwide operation.

Yes, your Daily Operations Silver Bullets do not exist. You simply cannot write down your daily operations once expecting them to hold for a decade. Things change. Systems change, software changes, people change. It is crucial to treat your Standard Operating Procedures as living, breathing entities. “Silver Bullets” imply “one and done”, or “set it and forget it”. If you want your business to be successful, then that’s just not the case.

Take the YOUTOOLS Automotive Processes Journey with Brian Gillis

At You Net Results, we host coaching groups just for auto repair shop owners. Together, we can all reach our own turnaround points. You will move from a business owner to a confident business leader. Then, and only then, you can eliminate everything that is holding you back.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Don’t keep hiding in the weeds! Let’s Maximize our Daily Operations.

To find out more, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis will discuss your business strategies, and then find ways to improve both your annual revenue and company culture.

Forgetful Fred

Auto Repair Management SOP Can Fix Forgetful Staff Problems

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Have you heard the story about Forgetful Fred? Maybe you have had problem employees like Forgetful Fred. If you’ve been in business for a while, the chances are good that you have at some point.

He kept forgetting to come to work on time. Then, he kept forgetting to call the customers when promised.

He kept forgetting to update the WorkFlow Board. Then, he kept forgetting to deposit his check each week.

He kept forgetting to GO FOR NO with each customer.

Go For No Questions For Problem Employees

In our GO FOR NO workshops, we detail how to deal directly with the Forgetful Freds working within our team. If you’re not already signed up for the training offered by You Net Results, we will discuss this topic at length.

For a minute, we invite you to pay attention to the various things that could be affecting Forgetful Fred’s behavior. Ask yourself — or go directly to the Forgetful Freds in your life and ask them — the following questions:

  1. Is there something going on at home that is affecting performance?
  2. Are they getting enough sleep?
  3. Is there an underlying health issue that we may or may not know about?
  4. Is this person usually eager and motivated?
  5. Does this person show signs of a stroke, dementia, or heart issues?
  6. Is this person mourning the loss of something?
  7. Are you providing a supportive and safe work environment for this individual?
  8. Could this person be getting bullied or abused at work or elsewhere?

Problem Employees? Check Your SOPs!

After you have ruled out all of the above, the next step is to check your Standard Operating Procedures and ask the following questions:

  1. Has this person been trained over a long enough time?
  2. Are all the SOPs written out or recorded on video so they can actually “see” the different steps to success and corresponding checklists?
  3. Are both the processes and procedures clear, or are they confusing?
  4. Has anyone else tested out the SOPs to make sure they are current, as well as accurate?
  5. Is there a communication issue that could be causing all of these issues?
  6. Is it clear who the problem employee reports to, and what their complete job duties entail?
  7. Have you communicated so that this person truly understands what to do?
  8. Or, are you accidentally expecting this individual to read your mind and assume they know what you know?

Look, these questions may sound silly, but we ask them for this reason:

We don’t ever hire dumb people, do we? No, we don’t. However, when we hire talented and bright individuals to fill a role within our team, our lack of clear processes and systems can force them to fail, falter, or forget.

Once you have resolved your system’s issue, the chances are excellent that problem employees like Forgetful Fred will lose their negative nicknames. You might soon have a Faithful Fred, Kickass Kathy, or Superhero Steve.

Take the NO Fear Journey with Brian Gillis

At You Net Results, we facilitate coaching groups for auto repair shop owners. Together, we can all reach a turnaround point. You can emerge from this experience moving from a business owner to a confident business leader. Thus, you will eliminate the things that hold you back.

Are you ready? Let’s do this.

To find out more, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis will discuss your business strategies and find ways to improve your annual revenue and company culture.

Fail your way to success

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

We all know that it is challenging to pick up new habits, but anything worth doing can be hard at first. You have to keep in mind that every person has their own pathway and their own method of success. However, we all have one thing in common: how difficult that changing your mindset can be. Always remember that everything is possible when you put in the work to achieve it! 

What are some of the things that you personally think about when it comes to achieving success? Is it…

  • more sales for your auto repair business?
  • increased car count, thus filling up your bays?
  • depositing more money in the bank every week?
  • additional free time to spend doing the things you love?
  • expanded customer engagement with your front counter staff?

Advice for you from famous thought leaders

Here are some helpful videos which can help you upgrade your own success habits. We collected these from some of our very favorite thought leaders:

Denzel Washington “Fall Forward”

Simon Sinek “This Will Change How You View Success”

Grant Cardone “Tips To Become Successful”

Gary Vaynerchuk “The Most Important Habit of Successful People”

You Net Results are here to help you form your own success habits

You may think that you have good luck or bad luck, but the truth is that your success will only come with the habits that you create for yourself! Remember that for a business to start, it needs both help and support from many different people. The team at You Net Results is always right here, and we are waiting to help you

We believe deeply in you, and we know that you can do this.

Sign up now and receive 16 hours of habit-forming front counter training each and every month!

You Net Results’ very first live automotive training event took place on June 23-26, 2021. Our group of auto repair shop owners, general managers, and service advisors gathered in Atlanta, GA for intensive learning experience. Let’s recap what made our first event so special!

Automotive Training Event Day One – Conference Meeting #1

After our bus arrived and we settled in at the hotel, we met for an insightful series of discussions. Brian set the table for our intense day of learning, then we reviewed the Monty Moran book “Love Is Free, Guac is Extra”. Afterward, Upswell Marketing Agency President Tim Ross discussed marketing strategies.

After lunch, YNR members circled up for roundtable discussions on both leadership and marketing. Each attendee was challenged to bring their own ideas to the table.

Finally, Jennifer Filzen of Rock Star Marketing gave an exciting presentation on how shop owners can use video marketing to leverage their brands. Once Jennifer finished her talk, we all discussed the shop tour the following day and adjourned.

Day Two – Shop Tour of Chloe’s Auto Repair

Our in-person shop tour took place at Chloe’s Auto Repair. YNR members got to see up close and personally what makes the Chloe’s team so successful. Our group saw the front of house crew in action, then moved on to observe the layout and site of the shop. Finally, they observed the rest of the shop’s employees in action.

After breaking for lunch, we held a panel for shop owners to quiz Chloe’s team about their procedures. When our group’s questions were all answered, we adjourned to rest up for the last day of the event and our most intense session.

Day Three – Conference Meeting #2

During our Saturday meeting, our group of shop owners joined in a variety of breakout activities. We started with our popular Dollar Time game, presenting our best business ideas to the group. There may or may not have been a cash prize for the shop owner who best argued for their idea.

Casual Photos

Our trip wasn’t all work, no play! We made time to relax and see the sights around Atlanta.

Want to attend our next 360 automotive training event?

Do you want to take part in our next automotive training event? Click below to buy an individual event ticket, or join our 360 Members Group so you will always have a seat to our live events!

Go for NO!

Go for NO!

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash.

When you hear the phrase, “Go For No,” how does that make you feel?

  • Does hearing “go for no” make you uncomfortable?
  • Do you feel kind of creepy or pushy?
  • Does it trigger fear of rejection?

What if I were to tell you that the services you offer could be the answer to someone’s prayers?

What if I were to say that money and the exchange of it is a dignified conversation?

Do you suppose then that talking with clients and finding out their needs could be a good thing?

When you Go For No, you’re not pushy. 

You’re not even confrontational. Instead, going for no is a simple conversation that finds out what your clients need and don’t need. 

If you fear hearing the word “No,” I invite you to join me on a journey. Let’s examine why that word is one of the most helpful words on your path to success.

  • “No” defines boundaries.
  • The word “No” allows you to “know” your client better.
  • “No” helps you know where you stand and what needs to improve before you can get to yes.
  • “No” is “no-thing” to be afraid of in business.

That’s why we say “Go For No.”

Go for No and your automotive repair customers will eventually say YES!Our 360 Group recently met for our first in-person event in Atlanta. It was a great time, and we all learned new techniques about running our businesses better. 

Along the lines of “No,” we learned incredible things about both ourselves and our team members. 

  • We learned what we would no longer tolerate as business owners who want to grow our annual revenues. 
  • Marketing is nothing to fear. 
  • Potential clients will more often say yes to you when you communicate with them and educate them through video marketing. 
  • We discovered that going for no really means not giving up until we have found our God-given purpose.

Take the NO Fear Journey with Brian Gillis. 

At You Net Results, we offer coaching groups for auto repair shop owners and service advisors. Together along with your fellow automotive professionals, you can reach a turnaround point. Then, you will evolve from a business owner to a confident business leader, by eliminating the obstacles holding you back. 

Are you ready? Let’s do this. 

If you’d like to find out more, then contact us for a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis will discuss your business strategies and then find ways to improve your annual revenue and company culture.

Everyone wants to increase their Auto Repair Car Count. But what about making every car count more? This supersized session from our Advisor Results Academy webinar features automotive shop owners and Service Writers just like you sharing how they get the MOST out of each automotive repair order ticket! Everyone could learn something from this video, so strap in and get ready to take some notes!

Making Every Car Count More – Tips 1-3

First, Dave mentions his shop’s VIP Cards Program. Brian then shows an example of this in action. A shop he knows sends out personalized gift cards for service to their top spenders. The customer is encouraged to give some of the cards out to friends and family, and keep one for themself. Programs like this generate return business and promote goodwill amongst your customer base.

Brian then segues to a discussion about marketing companies vs Grass Roots Referrals. He noted that, in his experience, companies who promise to hunt down customers for shops rarely help with raising car count. Instead, grass roots referrals from existing companies bring in business hand over fist.

Next, Haylee mentions how much Speed of Service makes a difference. When all of your staff are prompt and working like a well oiled machine, what happens? It establishes a sterling reputation amongst your customer base, and frees up bays for the next job on the docket. Make sure your systems allow for your team to not only do the job right, but quickly as well. If you implement this principle, don’t be shocked if your average repair order doubles!

Brandon then mentions the importance of Expanding Your Knowledge, as well as Offering More Services. When a shop is stuck in a box, only working on certain makes and models or only offering limited services, they hamstring their business potential. A repair shop in this position will never thrive, and likely will not survive long.

Tips 4-6 On How To Make Each Car Count More

Curb Appeal may not be the first factor you consider in increasing car count. Perhaps it should be, though! When people drive by your shop, what do they see? Is the parking lot full of trash? What about the landscaping? Could someone mistake your shop for being out of business, due to weeds surrounding your lot? Is your signage bright and modern, or faded and worn?

Furthermore, if the outside doesn’t scare people off, will the inside? A clean waiting room with comfortable furniture, wi-fi, and fresh, free coffee brewing are the minimums you should consider. Not to mention cleaning the bathrooms regularly! Put yourself in potential customers’ shoes. Consider all of these factors. Would you bring your car to your shop?

Nick suggests Loaner Vehicles and Shuttles. We’ve heard many customer objections to car services. Needing their car for transportation to work or school is a reason we all hear. We all know what a hassle it can be to bother friends to drive you everywhere when you are out of pocket. Investing in a few loaner vehicles, or providing a shuttle car (with your branding on them of course!) could pay for itself quickly!

Expanded Hours of Operation are a no-brainer. Think how many other enhancements link to this one. More open hours or days ensure your speed of service increases and more bays open up for other cars. This also adds convenience for customers who need repairs, but can’t fit them into their schedules.

Increasing Your Average Repair Order – Tips 7-9

Three diverse mechanics - laser focused on completing their repair jobs. Increased car count and average ticket order.Brandon continues the conversation, bringing up the importance of Community Presence and Involvement. When a repair shop organizes food drives, sponsors a little league team, or donates services to community organizations, everyone wins. Your automotive business should make an effort to be a valued part of your community. This is how you earn trust.

Brian contributes an example of how one of his former shops did this. His plaque denotes the shop’s work with their local Partners for Education, auctioning off their services to help out. Other owners and service advisors discuss how their own community involvement programs help car count.

Aaron stresses the importance of Having All The Tools You Need On Hand. You can’t offer Speed of Service if you don’t have all of the tools on hand to do the job right. Not to mention, you should invest in top quality gear. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Haylee hits a home run with her next tip. Callbacks and Collecting Customer Info are crucial to boosting car count. By the nature of our business, we must collect phone numbers. Having email addresses helps so much as well. Periodic email blasts are cheap ways to let customers know about specials you’re offering. Even if your client can’t pick up the phone, leaving them a voicemail is a huge opportunity to let them know you’re concerned about their vehicle’s health.

Tips 10-12 For Making More Money From Each Auto Repair

Dave feels that taking on Fleet Accounts is the best car count booster, bar none. You a company a discount on parts and services. Since you will now be servicing guaranteed multiple vehicles, you will make up for that margin quickly.

What about Outside Sales and Networking? Send out some of your service advisors to local businesses. They can let other business owners know about your services. This is a great way for you to score the fleet accounts Dave mentioned.

Finally, we discuss three methods to make each car count more. Offering Vehicle Customizing Work (Jeep Ducking), using Direct Mail Marketing services, and writing customers Personalized Notes all can boost your numbers.

Learn More – Get Your FREE Strategy Session

Interested in making every car count more in your shop? Why not schedule a FREE business strategy session with Brian? You’ve got nothing to lose, so sign up today!



Strategy session - drawing up business tactics for auto repair

Are you feeling crushed under the weight of running your business? You’re not alone. Many auto repair Owners and General Managers wonder why running their businesses is so hard. But not all of them. What strategy is in play to create their success?

Strategy – Big Picture Planning

We often hear the mantra, “Work Smarter Not Harder.” What does that mean? Let’s talk about Strategy versus Tactics for a bit. Understanding the difference between them is critical to your business’s success.

Strategy is looking at the big picture planning you need to do before diving into the tactics. If your spouse wants you to build her dream house, you don’t just run to Home Depot and purchase a pile of bricks. If you HAD a pile of bricks laying around in the backyard, would you then start laying them out? No. You would end up with a disappointing mess, as well as an unhappy spouse. Not good.

When you want to build your dream house, there are specific steps you need to take before beginning the build process. First, you need to purchase the land and survey the land. Next, you will meet with an architect and draw out the plans. Then, meet with the builders, acquire the permits, and make sure there is money in the bank to pay for it all. That’s called strategy.

Tactics – Laying the Foundation

After all that, THEN you can begin laying the foundation. You’ll be counting the number of bricks you’ll need, setting up the framing, installing the infrastructure, hiring the electrician, and so on. That’s tactics.

If you try building that dream home without strategy or tactics, you’re screwed. It doesn’t matter how good the architect and builder are. Without strategy and tactics, you get stuck with analysis paralysis! You wonder why that dang house has become such a money pit.

How Do Strategy and Tactics Apply to Your Auto Repair Business? 

Everyone needs a strategy, from your technicians to you, the owner and managerWell, if you want to build your ideal company, then you need to put together your strategy. Once your business plan and marketing strategies are mapped out, you need to employ the tactics that will get you there.

Fortunately, You Net Results has the experience to walk you through both the strategy and tactics you’ll need to get your business to the next million dollars in annual revenue. It’s not an overnight project. It takes a lot of work. However, it’s a solid plan that will help you reach your goals, as long as you implement and take action.

At You Net Results, we facilitate coaching groups for auto repair shop owners. Together, we  can all reach a turnaround point. You will emerge from the experience of moving from a business owner to a confident business leader. Thus, you will eliminate the obstacles that hold you back. 

Are you ready? Let’s do this. 

To find out more, contact us for a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis will discuss your business strategies and find ways to improve your annual revenue and company culture.

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