piggy bank showing your ability to save money in a tough economy and increase car countEconomic scares can affect any industry, even relatively recession proof businesses like auto repair. Every auto repair shop’s main goal is to maintain or increase car count. How can you do that when times are tough? Many customers are in dire money straits. They could tend to put off auto repairs because of other expenses. In this article, I share my top tips to increase car count, even when times are tough.

Want To Increase Car Count? Let’s Examine the Challenges Involved

Before diving into the tips, let’s understand the challenges that auto repair shop owners may face in a down economy. When people feel the pinch, they often cut back on nonessential expenses. This may include both car repairs and scheduled maintenance. Additionally, competition can be fierce in the auto repair industry. Standing out and attracting customers can be difficult.

Tips To Increase Car Count

Here are some areas where you can increase car count in a struggling economy:

Price vs. Value

In a tough economy, most people are more price sensitive than ever before. That is why offering a value first approach is key. Your marketing and sales team wants to help customers know your service’s value.

People try to save more money when they are struggling. Does putting off your vehicle repairs really save you money, though? Sell the future value that your maintenance brings. In reality, you can help people avoid costly future repairs when times might be even worse.

Consider offering specials or promotions to entice new customers. Just make sure that you still make a profit. Dive deep into your copywriting. If you need help, then try AI for inspiration!

Focus on Customer Service To Increase Car Count

Providing great customer service is the best way to attract and retain customers. Make sure that your team is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Train your staff to go above and beyond to address customer concerns. All the while, make sure your shop is clean and inviting.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is one of the most effective tools for reaching new customers. It can also keep your existing customers engaged. Having a Facebook page for your business is a no brainer. It is so important to regularly post updates, promotions, and helpful tips. Encourage  customers to follow you on social media and to leave reviews on your page.

Utilize Google My Business to start a review campaign. Contact previous customers and then ask them to share their experiences with your shop. More reviews will help you rank higher on Google.

Offer Financing Options

Many people hesitate to repair their cars because of the cost. When you offer financing options, it can help alleviate this concern. It makes it so much easier for customers to get their repairs. Consider partnering with a financing company in order to offer your customers payment plans or other financing options. It’s all about lowering the barriers to entry, thus helping more people trickle into your shop.

Expand Your Auto Repair Services

Offering a more comprehensive range of services can both attract new customers and increase revenue. Consider expanding your services to include additional repairs, maintenance, or other offerings. These could include car washes or detailing services.

Focus on Efficiency

Efficiency is so critical in the auto repair industry, especially in a down economy. Train your team to work efficiently and well in order to reduce repair times and increase output. You will serve more customers to increase car count and revenue.

Build Your Relationships with Local Businesses

Network and build relationships with other businesses in your community. That also helps to attract new customers. Consider partnering with local dealerships, car rental agencies, or other companies outside your industry. They can refer their customers to your shop.

Increase Car Count By Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven way to stay in touch with customers and engage them. Consider sending regular email newsletters. You can send promotions to your email list to encourage repeat business. Mailchimp and other apps offer free tiers, so you can test out their services.

Focus on Branding

Branding is important to any industry. It can be especially so in auto repair. Ensure that your shop has a strong brand that stands out. Create a logo, tagline, and other memorable branding elements that will help build brand recognition. What if nobody in your company has these talents? Hire a qualified local graphic designer or marketing agency.

Offer Free Inspections or Diagnostics

Free inspections or diagnostics may help to attract new customers. This may encourage them to bring their cars in to fix. This can also help you identify more repairs that need to be done. This is a simple method to increase your revenue.

Join You Net Results and Increase Your Car Count Today

Increasing your auto repair shop’s car count in a struggling system is tough. Focus on customer service, value-based sales, and gripping social media. By doing so, business owners can attract and retain clients. When using these strategies, we can stay driven in a tough economy and keep growing our businesses.

Contact You Net Results today so you can begin the process. Book a free meeting. Brian Gillis and his team will help you build your leadership foundation. Plug into a vast network of auto repair shops. We all work together to strengthen the industry! Let’s make this the best month of your business life!