what if

Challenge of Change, Part 5

Review parts 1 through 15 for details and thinking, then utilize the Recipe for Change.

Part 5 – What if? How? Come on!

What if your car count doubled? What if your net profit doubled? What if your customers said “yes” to all repairs and all maintenance suggestions?

What if all your staff members pulled together as a team?

What if you completed your How-To Manual, and your budget started operating smoothly? What if you dominated your target market?

What if your customers never bought a new car, and they told everyone about your company?

Okay, here’s the catch.

How do you make these “what if” items happen?

How are you doing? How is it working for you?

How do you get buy-in from staff members?

How do you even think these are all possible?

Come on Gary, are you a dreamer?

Come on Gary, this is not possible.

Come on Gary, tell me how.

The Recipe for Change

When you’re baking a cake, there are certain ingredients that are necessary for the cake to come out as planned. You need to follow a step by step procedure. Include all portions as described, mix as indicated, then cook for the optimum time and temperature. Any variation from the recipe may cause an incomplete and utter disaster! If you don’t follow the recipe, you will not get the results you were expecting.

When you’re leading your company and staff through change, a recipe would be very helpful, so here it is:

  1. You must be totally committed to the change (1 gallon)
  2. It must be well defined and written (1 pint)
  3. You must be willing to accept the push back and resistance (1 quart)
  4. Create the WHY story to sell to sell your staff (Five Pounds)
  5. Talk to them one-on-one (1 Tablespoon)
  6. Give them time to adjust mentally to the change (Let Marinate 1 week)
  7. Let them express their feelings (Snap-Crackle-Pop)
  8. Set a rollout date for the change to occur (Cook Time 10 Days)
  9. Have many training sessions before rollout (Mixing steps)
  10. Establish the change as a habit (Tasting the results)

This is a quick and simple recipe for change. Follow the ingredients and steps, and see what results you will achieve. Review parts 1 through 15 for more details and thinking.

Management is the formula.

Leadership is the essential catalyst.

You are the stick that stirs the ingredients.