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How can your auto repair service advisor sell more jobs? Brian and You Net Results members discuss a method to help automotive service advisors sharpen their phone skills and sell more repair jobs. One of the cornerstone teachings we stress is PARP: Prepare, Audit, Rehearse, Present.

Want to Sell More Repair Jobs? Learn From Tom Brady and Metallica (Really)

You can sell more repair jobs when you work as a well oiled teamDuring the off season, as well as between games, NFL football superstar Tom Brady still trains and reviews game film. He is not required to, but he knows he has to in order to be the best. This is why Brady is a household name.
Metallica is one of the biggest arena rock bands in the world, but they don’t just step on stage cold. They put in thousands of hours when they rehearse and write. They employ a crew of over 100 roadies, sound engineers, and lighting technicians, who also have to test everything over and over to make sure the show goes smoothly. Not to mention the pyrotechnics crew who ensure all of the fireworks, fire, and explosions are done safely and up to code.
Your auto repair staff is just like a group of star athletes and musicians. If your team wants to win big and sell more repair jobs, then they have to put in the time. This means writing phone and in-person scripts and role playing them repeatedly, until they can present them in their sleep! Soon, you will have more happy customers and more money in the bank. Practice makes perfect!

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Did you lose something in the telling? Auto repair shops sometimes struggle with consistent communication.

Photo courtesy Ben White on Unsplash

Have you ever played the game “Telephone”? You start by lining up a group. Then, you whisper a sentence into the first person’s ear. They then whisper the message to the next person. The game continues until the message gets to the final person in line, who announces out loud what sentence they heard. It is often much different from the original sentence. Quite the exercise in communication!

At You Net Results, we know this game shows what happens when messages, systems, and processes are undocumented. Just like in the game of “Telephone,” something can get lost in the telling. When you don’t write down instructions, client comments, or repair orders, this is inevitable.

Communication breakdown

In auto repair businesses, it happens like this:

The Customer tells the Service Advisor something. Time is short. The Service Advisor doesn’t write it down, but they repeat it verbally to the Technician. The Technician may also skip documenting it, so they present the Service Advisor with new information.

The Service Advisor then reports to the Customer via phone. More back and forth happens, and then the Customer picks up their vehicle. Later, the Service Advisor is surprised to read the Customer’s one-star review. Why? Communication was not clear. They lost something in the telling.

How can you avoid losing something in the telling?

Do you see how simply repeating verbal information can lose accuracy? It is obvious how the customer felt wronged. How can your team reduce miscommunication? How can they improve clarity?

The answer? Use transparent systems and processes to document all communication. Enter repair issues through DVI reports, notes in your CRM, text messages, recorded phone calls, and other exchanges. When you do, you will reduce your chance of poor reviews.

Perfect your shop’s communication chain!

At You Net Results, we dedicate hours of training to communication. Our coaching sessions help prevent mistakes and lost details. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation. Brian Gillis will discuss your business strategies and ways to improve revenue and company culture.