Work Life Balance - it's kind of like this.

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No matter how we work, whether virtually or onsite, we all struggle with time management. It never feels like there are enough hours in the day to accomplish all those goals we set at the beginning of the week. Finding the time to work on your family life is crucial. You can’t be your best self at work when you aren’t happy and fulfilled in your off time. That fulfillment is the essence of true work life balance.

Becoming a great leader means understanding how to be more effective with the time you have. Are there opportunities for improvement? Just like when we write our SOPs, we can structure our day more efficiently. Thus, we can go through the process more linearly, allowing us to spend more time with our families.

Work Life Balance – It feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day

Trust me; we know exactly how you feel. You see the clock ticking away and remember all those things you promised outside of work. How in the world are you going to get those tasks done, making sure you fulfill your role in everyone else’s life? It’s a struggle, but there is a way to take hold of the chaos.

We suggest you start by measuring your time, and then figuring out where the loopholes are. Physically time out your activities and develop a schedule where you meticulously plan certain tasks at certain times. You’ll be shocked just how much time you spend doing tangentially related tasks vs. tackling the objective at hand.

For example, if you need to respond to online reviews, don’t do it all day long; schedule a 1-hour period at the end of the day in order to tackle all of them at once. It’s too easy to stretch a short task into an all-day affair when we piecemeal every part of it!

Community support and business coaching through You Net Results

Lucky for you, there is a vast network of business owners who understand your specific trials and tribulations. We all experience it, and we share our methods of optimizing that work life balance. At You Net Results, we plug you into a vast network of auto repair shop owners that work together to improve each other’s businesses and share in this common goal of reaching our dreams. 

We’ll show you how to identify your KPIs, write and structure your SOPs, and design your work to match your goals in life. Retirement, family, and your next revenue goals; they are all interconnected!

Contact You Net Results today for a complimentary consultation. Brian Gillis will help you build your KPIs and plug you into a vast network of auto repair shop owners. When we all work together, we make our industry stronger! So let’s make July the best month of your business life!

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