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Sales Techniques

  • Methods and resources to help educate the customer.
  • Utilizing full system isolate, PARP, ECM, and analogies.

Join Brian Gillis and our YNR members in this Advisor Results Academy call and you will learn some crucial Auto Repair Sales Techniques! It is so very important for your auto repair shop Service Advisors to exude confidence, while remaining both friendly and helpful. It is time that your Service Writers learned the phone skills that they need to sell more auto repair jobs.

Automotive Repair Service Advisors can use auto repair sales techniques on the phone to assume the saleAuto Repair Sales Techniques That Your Service Advisor Can Use Today

In this short but informative clip, Brian starts out by quizzing Nick on one example of many auto repair sales techniques. Nick replies with “Assume the Sale”.

Brian states bluntly that you will close more repair orders when you assume the sale. Positive language is embedded in each of the phone scripts YNR trained Service Advisors use. Don’t ask “is it okay if we do this repair?” That language sounds timid, and lacking in confidence as well. Instead, tell the customer that you’re going to go ahead and have (insert the name of your technician) get started on these repairs. Then ask what the best phone number is to reach them.

When you use timid language, you leave room for doubt. You give the customer an opening to start thinking about other options. Those options could be consulting with their spouse, or price shopping with your competitors. When you use auto repair sales techniques, such as “assume the sale”, you put their mind at ease. It’s so much easier to go ahead and get that repair done now by qualified technicians, rather than wasting time by exploring other options.

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