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SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

  Answering Incoming Calls is your Lifeblood… Review

  • Grow your car count
  • By capturing the car
  • Phone skills revisited
  • SOP Answering Incoming Phone Calls #0518


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People Process

SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

0615-4 – SOP – Unit 4: Counter Communication Skills

  • To establish and define what ingredients go into creating our Recipe for Counter Communication Skills and what it looks like, feels like, taste like and smells like in our auto repair business
  • To help everyone understand how it all blends together in our Recipe for CCS.


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In this video, Brian and and our members discuss advanced phone voice skills. These are tips that your service advisors can use TODAY to sell more jobs! This is must watch content for auto repair shop owners, as well as their service writers! Watch the video, then read on for more.

Phone Voice Tips for Automotive Industry Professionals

The more you practice phone voice enhancements, the more confident you will be selling auto repair jobs.First, Brian discusses moves on from previously discussing analogies that Service Advisors can use to close more sales. He shares a worksheet with lists of phone voices. These include Payoff Enhancements, which can help close more sales. Second, the worksheet lists Voice Enhancements to avoid. Finally, he points out a list of Payoff Gestures, which can help Service Writers on the phone or in person.

The Payoff Voice Enhancements, depending on the situation, can be invaluable tools. Imagine encountering a customer who is disappointed that their car broke down. They don’t know you personally and have never been in your shop. Because of that, they do not trust you. How would you cheer them up and put their mind at ease? Practicing a phone voice of empathy is key. Knowing the customer’s situation inside and out prepares you to know the right voice enhancement to use. This is especially important when making follow up phone calls where you must break unpleasant news to your customer about their vehicle.

Gathering as much knowledge as you can about a vehicle’s situation is crucial to building your confidence. Repair shop owners and Service Advisors may do this by personally inspecting the vehicle, speaking with your Technicians about the job. Sometimes, it’s a simple as Googling a particular issue or part. When you are fully prepared for your call, customers will recognize your confidence, and they will feel more at ease.

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Clear Counter Communications, Part 4

Clear Counter Communications, Part 4

Fourth and final installment of our Clear Counter Communications series, discussing Full System Isolation and PMI. Timestamps:

  1. PMI sheet review / disclaimer (00:28-1:51)
  2. System Isolate Script Writing and Presentations (1:51-38:47)
  3. PMI Script Writing w/ Checklist (38:47-54:55)
  4. PMI Presentations (55:09-1:12:30)
  5. Q&A – Mass Texts vs Mailers vs Emails vs Callbacks  (1:13:11-1:17:51)
  6. Final Thoughts and Takeways from Host and Attendees (1:17:51-1:35:20)
  7. Price comments from customers / Counterfeit Spark Plugs video (1:35:20-1:46:47)


Clear Counter Communications Booklet – December 2020

Clear Counter Communications, Part 3

Clear Counter Communications, Part 3

In the 3rd session, we will discuss Techniques and Mindsets when using Scripts. Timestamps:

  1.  Full System Isolate / Initial Concern Script Review; Isolation vs Maintenance (1:17-22:29)
  2. Discussion of analogies to help customers understand recommended repairs (22:29-46:43)
  3. Payoff Voice Enhancements (46:43-50:44)
  4. Voice Enhancements to Avoid (50:44-52:16)
  5. Payoff Gestures for Enhancement (52:16-53:19)
  6. Role Playing Voice Enhancements (54:20-59:51)
  7. ECM (59:51-1:13:30)
  8. Types of Callbacks / Email followups discussion (1:13:30-1:25:57)
  9. Script Writing and Sharing: Callbacks (1:25:57-1:49:03)
Clear Counter Communications, Part 2

Clear Counter Communications, Part 2

Day two of our Clear Counter Communications event for 360 members. Time stamps:

  1. Recap and review from Day 1 (00:23-30:25)
  2. Tie-Down writing and role play (30:26-39:37)
  3. Roundtable Script rehearsal: Quick Close (39:38-53:50)
  4. Roundtable Script rehearsal: Oil Change Script (55:35-1:11:20)
  5. Roundtable Script rehearsal: Anytime Script (1:11:20-1:39:25)
  6. What if the Customer Hangs Up? / A Busy Shop is the Best Advertising (1:39:25-1:45:51)
  7. Preview of Day 3 (1:45:52-1:49:37)
Clear Counter Communications, Part 1

Clear Counter Communications, Part 1

It’s the kickoff show for our December 2020 Clear Counter Communications series! We have a great group of YNR members and guests assembled to discuss phone skills and scripts. Here’s the rundown of topics:

  1. Series/Booklet Overview 0:50-5:45
  2. Getting Acquainted / In Person Counter Contact Overview 5:46-7:28
  3. Front Counter Staff – Fostering Customer Comfort / Buying Mood 7:30-10:10
  4. Vehicle Forecast (General info about vehicle / Icebreaker questions) 10:11-13:39
  5. Company Brochure (13:40-15:08)
  6. Opening the Door  (15:08-18:27)
  7. Business Cards (18:28-21:22)
  8. Setting the Expectation (21:22-29:37)
  9. Asking the right questions up front, and repeating them back (29:38-31:23)
  10. Sense of Urgency (SOU) (31:24-33:44)
  11. To Sell or Not to Sell “Is there anything else?” (33:45-37:41)
  12. Members and Brian sharing their experiences (37:58-40:34)
  13. Inbound Phone Calls – How and Why – 4 Reasons  (40:51-50:41)
  14. Inbound Phone Calls – How and Why – 8 Rules (50:41-1:03:29)
  15. Quick Close Script with Role Playing (1:04:59-1:08:40)
  16. Oil Change Script (1:08:40-1:11:38)
  17. Anytime Script / Price Shopper (1:11:39-1:18:05)
  18. Tie Down – Capturing the Car (1:19:03-1:35:33)
Silent Thief

Silent Thief

Is there a silent thief in your auto repair shop?You have heard us speak about silent thieves before. You Net Results’ game plan starts with helping your auto repair shop identify which thief or thieves lurk in your midst. In this clip from our Daily Operations meeting, Brian quizzes members on their own experiences. Is your auto shop losing money, but you don’t know why? Then watch this video and find out!

Auto shop losing money – silent thieves on the prowl

Brian opens up by explaining the concept of a silent thief, which is money leaking out of your shop undetected. He asks members what those thieves look like in their shops, starting with inventory.

Once Andy’s business started growing, he noticed that he started to lose track of inventory. His shop’s process of transporting waste oil for reuse, for instance, needed improvement. Therefore, he bit the bullet and invested in new equipment.

Joe’s parts were not properly being charged out, so he implemented a new process to keep track of this expense.

Then, Jim Ryckman talks about the priorities of owners and managers. Whenever the boss doesn’t manage time well, silent thieves can creep in.

Next up, Leon mentions labor inventory. In his case, this is a huge chance to lose money. Because it can be hard to keep track of, labor rates may be a shop’s #1 money loser.

Finally, Brian discusses one thief we may not have thought of previously. Let’s say our advertising is on point, and customers are jamming your phone lines. If your service writers don’t know what to say to them to close the sale, then you may as well be throwing money out the window. This is why proper phone skills and scripts are crucial.

A few tidbits discussed afterward revealed the importance of taking notes on procedures, as well as being open to change. Surprisingly, many shop owners still use pen and paper instead of computers to keep up with shop supplies and tickets. Doubtless, these shops must update procedures and conquer their fear of change in order to survive.

Stop your silent thieves!

Do these problems sound familiar to you? By now, you might be wondering how you can solve these problems. We have your answer! Try one of our coaching groups for free. Each week, you can join fellow shop owners to identify your problems. Then, apply our systems to start turning record profits!

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Front Counter Six Series #5

Front Counter Six Series, Part 5: FAIL Large or FAIL Small…

Front Counter Six Series, Part 5: FAIL Large or FAIL Small…

FAIL Large or FAIL Small…

Structured Conversation Pathways

  • Isolate and PMI Scripts fill in the blanks
  • These are your Front Counter Checklist items:
    +++ / Needs / Benefits / Assume the Sale
  • The more you present the more they buy
  • The less you present the less they buy


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