parts margin

You have heard the phrase “Buy Low, Sell High” in regards to United States stock market on Wall Street. How about in reference to your auto repair parts margin? Just how important is pricing auto parts in the automotive repair business?

Order the right auto parts for the job, but protect your parts margin in the process!Buy Parts at the Right Price So You Can Protect Your Shop’s Parts Margin

When you buy a water pump for an auto repair job, for example, it may seem like it is a small expense. However, when you consistently forego the process of parts shopping, your parts margin can really get off balance.

When shopping, are you going with the cheapest part you can find online every time out? Those choices can come back to bite you as well! It literally pays off when you take the time in order to compare the parts available to you. In many instances, you may be able to a smaller price for the exact same part. Then you can mark them up for the repair job.

We are not suggesting that you price gouge your valued customers. When you take the time to look up parts, order them online, and inspect them upon receiving them, it is a job in itself. This is not to mention the cost of sending an employee out to O’Reilly or AutoZone in person for a rush job. Your time is worth money, and so is your employees’, so don’t sell yourself short! Parts margin may seem like a small piece of your overall financial picture, but it adds up quickly.

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