Auto Repair Shop Money Management might be an uncomfortable topic, but we need to cover it! Gary Gunn quizzes our YNR panel of automotive shop owners on how they can better manage their finances.

Repair shop maney management - not an easy automotive topicDefining Money – Repair Shop Money Management

Gary starts off with an unusual question for our panel of shop owners. “How do you define money?” It may seem silly to ask a question like this. However, when we get to the root of what money really is, we can take a deeper dive into repair shop money management.

When Pam replies, she defines money as an item we exchange in lieu of barter. We have assigned a value to it, so it drives commodities in our markets.

Fred measures money in time. Customers pay us for our employees’ time when they perform automotive repair services. We then pay those employees for their time. Finally, we pay ourselves for the time we put in guiding our team and steering the ship.

Joe adds that the government assigns money a value based on the gold that backs it. We can then exchange that valuable paper for a good or service. Jerry then uses the analogy of money as a fuel for an engine. That engine exists to move our business or personal life forward. Money management is how we fine tune that engine.

Gary’s Response

Gary makes the point that we can run out of the “gas” that is money and end up stuck on the proverbial freeway. Sometimes our business’s cash on hand can ebb and flow. However, our repair shop money management skills will determine will determine if we reach our long term destination.

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Leadership Process


E-Myth Mastery Resource 124 Series

E-Myth Overview

  • Leadership
  • Money
  • Management
  • People

Let’s Define Leadership / Money / Management / People

  • 4 Step Learning Process
  • Mastering Your Results
  • Mastery Spreadsheet – Many Tabs

You’ve heard about it. You’ve wondered about it. You’ve wanted to Learn It. You’ve wanted to Use It. You’ve wanted to Teach It.

Now is your opportunity to get started.


Powerpoint PDF

Daily Operations Process


SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

  • 0539 – SOP- Going Paperless, How, Why, When and Where
  • Brian Beatty shares how he does it


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In this clip from our Leadership Process Webinar, Brian Gillis explains silent thieves in the form of poor systems and processes. These thieves can cause our automotive repair shops to literally bleed money! Listen up to learn what areas of your shop that these burglars could be lurking in. Then, join us for future sessions to see how we can identify them and kick them out the door, for good!

Where could they be hiding in your automotive repair shops

Silent thieves in your auto repair shop may not be as obvious as a technician stealing tools!

Silent thieves in your auto repair shop may not be as obvious as a technician stealing tools!

Every shop is unique, but, generally speaking, we all have weak points in certain areas. These poor systems and processes may include:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Front Counter
  • How-to Manual
  • People and Staffing
  • Daily Operations
  • Financial

Luckily, You Net Results offers weekly rotational meetings you can join, in order to focus on these specific areas. Through group calls, as well as written systems and processes you can customize for your auto repair business, we can work together to stop silent thieves dead in their tracks.

Finally, Brian lists six steps to get started. Put these steps into place in order to build your own Leadership Process. Real change in business can only be made from the top down. Are you both ready and willing to do what it takes to implement change? Put these six steps into practice today, and get on the road to improvement:

  1. Thinking
  2. Words
  3. Action
  4. Habits
  5. Perseverance
  6. Attainment

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You know that you need to kick these silent thieves out of your shop, but you’re not sure where to begin. Why not schedule a FREE business strategy session with Brian, so you can discuss your needs? You’ve got nothing to lose, so sign up today!


Topics discussed

  • Overview of Anchor Financial Process
  • Overview of the Financial Reporting Process
  • The reporting template
  • The reporting instructions
  • Reasons to do it yourself
  • Brian shares some of his aspects of budgeting

Your money is in the numbers! Andy, Joe N. and Joe E. each share some of their valuable experience with numbers.

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