Here is a clip from one of our weekly Working On It Tuesday training webinars. This week, the topic in question is our leadership process. Brian details the six steps to auto shop leadership mastery, also known as The Lotus Code.

Use the Lotus Code to learn leadership mastery for your people.The Lotus Code in Action for Auto Repair Shop Leaders

When automotive industry owners want to up their leadership game, it’s great to have an ordered list which they can refer to. Our Auto Repair Leadership Process is based on the Lotus Code, which is an ancient six step method for success. In order, the six steps are:

  1. Thinking
  2. Words
  3. Action
  4. Habits
  5. Perseverance
  6. Attainment

The other owners on the call recalled Gary Gunn teaching this age old concept to them many years ago. Brian then goes over the history of the Lotus Code, which is over 2500 years old. Mastering your goals always involves these six steps, in this order. Whether it’s a simple task such as cleaning your house, or a more complex one like managing your auto repair shop’s daily operations, this is how it comes together.

When the Lotus Code is applied correctly, we think through our task. Then, we verbalize our plan. We take action, and with repetition, those actions grow into habits. Although obstacles can (and will) arise, we take step five, which is Perseverance, to conquer them. Finally, through that perseverance, we reach step six, Attainment. Only then can we call ourselves masters. As any shop owner knows from experience, mastery will only come through hard work and focus.

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Leadership Process

Mastering Your Results as a LWOBAS

Wouldn’t it be great if Your Leadership was a process? Wouldn’t it be great if it were that simple?

It is.  You can do this. It’s proven to work.

Show and Tell – Mastering Your Results Rotational Process

  • Discussion: How Leadership can be a Systemic Process
  • Six Steps Review
  • Five Tool Player Review
  • The Four Leadership Level Test Review
  • Mastery Module 1 Leadership Review


Powerpoint PDF

Financial Process


SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

What is the difference between Financial Health and Financial Wealth?

  • Mastering Your Results Review
  • YNR Membership Library Review
  • Business Performance Inspection Review
  • Mastery Module 3 Money Review
  • Anchor YTD Oct. 2020, 2021 and 2022 Comparison


Financial Process

Leadership Process


E-Myth Mastery Resource 124 Series

E-Myth Overview

  • Leadership
  • Money
  • Management
  • People

Let’s Define Leadership / Money / Management / People

  • 4 Step Learning Process
  • Mastering Your Results
  • Mastery Spreadsheet – Many Tabs

You’ve heard about it. You’ve wondered about it. You’ve wanted to Learn It. You’ve wanted to Use It. You’ve wanted to Teach It.

Now is your opportunity to get started.


Powerpoint PDF

Calm = Confidence, and coaching groups build confident managers! This meeting was packed with valuable information for both Auto Repair Shop Owners and their staff.

  • Helicopter Ride
  • Mastery Management Module Review
  • HireMAX Review (Job Position Pre-Planning Form)


Powerpoint PDF

Marketing is an attitude, not a department! Learn the who, what, where, when, why, and how of finding the right potential customers and communicating your promise to bring them into your doors. Download these documents and put them to use in your auto repair shop. When you change your perspective and put these systems to work, you will see success and your staff will see a leader they can look up to!

E-Myth Marketing Mod

MK-0001 E-Myth Marketing Fundamentals
MK-0010 Your Most Probable Customer
MK-0020 Your Trading Area
MK-0030 Customers Perceptions and Behavior
MK-0040 Positioning and Differentiating Your Business
MK-0050 Your Image and Sensory Package
MK-0060 Your Marketing Strategy


MK0010 Your Most Probable Customer
MK0030 Customer Perceptions And Behavior
MK0040 Positioning And Differentiating Your Business
MK0050 Your Company Image And Sensory Package
MK0060 Your Marketing Strategy

Ready to “Manage on Cruise Control”? Download these documents and put them to use in your auto repair shop. When you change your perspective and put these systems to work, you will see success and your staff will see a leader they can look up to!

E-Myth Management Mod

MG-0001 Foundations Of Emyth Management
GN-0020 Systems Evaluation
GN-0030 Systems Innovation
MG-0010 Your Business Systems Strategy
MG-0020 Your Organizational Strategy
MG-0030 BDM for Employees
MG-0040 Developing Your People
MG-0050 Position Contracts
MG-0060 Working Relationships that Work
MG-0070 Your Controlling Calendar System
MG-0080 Operations Manuals (How-To Manual)
MG-0090 Systems Design and Documentation


MG0010 Your Business Systems Strategy
MG0020 Your Organizational Strategy
MG0030 – Business Development Meetings – Employees
MG0040 – Developing Your People
MG0050 – Position Contracts
MG0060 – Working Relationships That Work
MG0070 – Your Controlling Calendar System pg. 22-29
MG0070 – Your Controlling Calendar System pg.30
MG0080- Operations Manuals (How-to Manual)
MG0090 – Systems Design And Documentation

E-Myth Mastery Mod 1: Leadership

Ready to “Lead Without Breaking A Sweat”? Download these documents and put them to use in your auto repair shop. When you change your perspective and put these systems to work, you will see success and your staff will see a leader they can look up to!

E-Myth Leadership Mod

GN-0001 Intro to Mastery Stage 1, Mod-1
LD-0001 – Intro to Mod 1, Foundations of E-Myth Leadership
LD-0010 – E-Myth Point of View
LD-0020 – Your Primary Aim
LD-0030 – Your Strategic Objective
LD-0040 – Your Company Story
LD-0050 – Key Strategic Indicators
LD-0060 – Key Frustrations Process
LD-0070 – Characteristics of the E-Myth Manager
LD-0080 – E-Myth Point of View in Action
LD0080 – ENH Rating
LD0080 – ENH Tracking
LD0090 – ENH TimeLog
LD0090 – Managing Your Time
ENH-LD0090 Managing Your Time


LD0020 – Your Primary Aim
LD0030 – Strategic Objective
LD0040- Your Company Story
LD0050 – Key Strategic Indicators
LD0060 – Key Frustrations Process
LD0070 – E-Myth Manager
LD0080 E-Myth Point Of View In Action
LD0080 ENH_Rating
LD0080 – ENH Tracking
LD0090 – ENH Time Log
LD0090 – Managing Your Time
ENH LD0090 – Managing Your Time

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