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Here is a clip from one of our weekly Working On It Tuesday training webinars. This week, the topic in question is our leadership process. Brian details the six steps to auto shop leadership mastery, also known as The Lotus Code.

Use the Lotus Code to learn leadership mastery for your people.The Lotus Code in Action for Auto Repair Shop Leaders

When automotive industry owners want to up their leadership game, it’s great to have an ordered list which they can refer to. Our Auto Repair Leadership Process is based on the Lotus Code, which is an ancient six step method for success. In order, the six steps are:

  1. Thinking
  2. Words
  3. Action
  4. Habits
  5. Perseverance
  6. Attainment

The other owners on the call recalled Gary Gunn teaching this age old concept to them many years ago. Brian then goes over the history of the Lotus Code, which is over 2500 years old. Mastering your goals always involves these six steps, in this order. Whether it’s a simple task such as cleaning your house, or a more complex one like managing your auto repair shop’s daily operations, this is how it comes together.

When the Lotus Code is applied correctly, we think through our task. Then, we verbalize our plan. We take action, and with repetition, those actions grow into habits. Although obstacles can (and will) arise, we take step five, which is Perseverance, to conquer them. Finally, through that perseverance, we reach step six, Attainment. Only then can we call ourselves masters. As any shop owner knows from experience, mastery will only come through hard work and focus.

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Ignite Your Shop Productivity

With Processes & Presentations

Page 1 – Sharing Time
Page 2 – Lotus Code
Page 3 – Voice and Gesture Enhancements
Page 4 – Presenting Power – Word Analogies
Page 5 – Statement
Page 6 – ECM Exercise
Page 7 – Full System Isolate Script
Page 8 – Broke Car Scenario
Page 9 – Preventive Maintenance Inspection Sheet
Page 10 – Additional Concerns Presentation Script page 1
Page 11 – Additional Concerns Presentation Script page 2


Ignite Your Shop Productivity PDF


First hour:

  • Language review: eyes on the car
  • tech rotation
  • first half / second half
  • the bag
  • oil change chain
  • buy time
  • Go for No
  • the board
  • most important customer
  • car colors: pink, green, blue, orange
  • second swing
  • bullet holes
  • missed sales file
  • meet and greet

Second hour:

  • Full System Isolate Presentation (brake and overheating issues) and role-play
  • PMI Script Intro


Front Counter Workshop Booklet – May 2020

People Process Zoom Webinar

  • Lotus Code Six Step review
  • Three P triangle revisited
  • PAHR lengthy discussion from time mark 25:38–49:08
  • Don’t Know, Don’t Care / Willing or Unwilling / Able or Unable

Two books recommended:

  1. Good To Great by Jim Collins
  2. Energy Bus by John Gordon – Getting the right people on the bus and then getting them in the right seat on the bus


Powerpoint PDF

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