lotus code


First hour:

  • Language review: eyes on the car
  • tech rotation
  • first half / second half
  • the bag
  • oil change chain
  • buy time
  • Go for No
  • the board
  • most important customer
  • car colors: pink, green, blue, orange
  • second swing
  • bullet holes
  • missed sales file
  • meet and greet

Second hour:

  • Full System Isolate Presentation (brake and overheating issues) and role-play
  • PMI Script Intro

People Process Zoom Webinar

  • Lotus Code Six Step review
  • Three P triangle revisited
  • PAHR lengthy discussion from time mark 25:38–49:08
  • Don’t Know, Don’t Care / Willing or Unwilling / Able or Unable

Two books recommended:

  1. Good To Great by Jim Collins
  2. Energy Bus by John Gordon – Getting the right people on the bus and then getting them in the right seat on the bus


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