Our own Brian Gillis recently returned to Remarkable Results Radio’s Town Hall Academy show. He took part part in an all star panel discussing the topic “Stop Selling from Your Own Wallet”.

Key Talking Points: 

  • The panel played a game on how much each of them would spend on certain items:
    • Gym Membership
    • Dress Shoes or Boots
    • Birthday Gift for a Good Friend
    • Surround Sound System
    • Laptop Computer
    • Family Pet
    • Necktie
    • Bottle of Wine
  • It’s not a matter of how much disposable income someone has, so we can’t look at a customer and just start making decisions on pricing.
  • Technician recommendation vs Invoice… ask the advisor why didn’t you recommend the repairs
    • Don’t think for the customer
  • Don’t be a bleeding heart for customers
  • Having sympathy for older customers… can cost you
  • Have empathy, but don’t give away the shops money
    • Don’t think “wow, this is gonna cost a lot of money”
    • Push that thought to the side
    • If not, you will be limiting your potential
  • “Wisdom Credits” for seniors, emotional attachment
    • Is there sentimental value to the car
    • Be tough on coupons
  • Guidance for the boomer generation
    • Have senior or military discounts pre-established in your books
    • Have discounts across the board so you’re prepared for it $$
  • Don’t put money ahead of safety
    • People play the poverty story all the time
    • Don’t compromise the safety of a vehicle over money
    • If they are truly down on their luck financially, you can…
    • Prioritize the repairs in an effort to help the customer
  • The power of understanding the profit and loss
    • Knowing what the parts costs
    • Having an understanding of the overhead costs
    • Teach your service advisors these costs
  • The goals for average work order can result in a loss of sales
    • Don’t just hit the goal, work beyond that
    • Don’t get complacent in the afternoon if you’ve had a good morning
  • Final Words
    • Brian
      • Run out there and run this game
    • Andy
      • The help from Brian with my advisors is amazing
    • Keith
      • It’s always about training, about getting better
      • Always identify the next training needs
  • Too many times we think about our own money tolerance instead of the customer needs
  • We think what others believe is a lot of money
  • We have different lines in the sand, you’ll limit yourself to and your potential
  • Don’t make the customer decision for them
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