Leadership In High Gear

Focus on one of the driving gears, “Empowerment”


  1. Way to get some freedom
  2. Prevents micro management
  3. Relief of stress
  4. Takes the burden off
  5. Can focus more on the business and less in the business
  6. Staff feels important and takes ownership
  7. Less hours at the shop


  1. Ask staff members where they see opportunities, and get buy in. Ask for ideas and input to improve processes
  2. Provide parameters and allow decision making at different levels depending on position
  3. In-depth team huddles
  4. Teach staff that a presented problem should accompany ideas for solutions

How to follow up so that you don’t get burned by empowering associates

  1. Audit tickets
  2. Set parameters
  3. Listen to phone calls
  4. Inspect what you expect
  5. Monitor the scorecard
  6. Hold accountable
  7. Show by example
  8. Ongoing training
  9. Own the mistakes we make
  10. Be present / audit / checklist

Auto Repair Staff huddles are a crucial factor in encouraging employee teamwork. Listen to our YNR roundtable discussion on regularly rounding up your Technicians, General Managers, and Service Advisors to make sure you are all on the same page.

Auto repair shop team huddles make a huge difference for your staff!Why Are Team Huddles Important?

Brian kicked off the clip by outlining why we don’t want to neglect staff huddles. When we do not meet hourly with our employees, the negative effects can trickle down to customers. Not communicating with your Technicians and Service Advisors? Then get prepared for chaos! Gaps in your customer service game, missed opportunities, and, ultimately, a loss of revenue will occur. Brian noted that when customers complaint about pricing, the issue usually starts with poor customer service experiences.

Second, Brian gave examples of key components from our Huddles SOP. When huddling, you may want to work with a board system. Of course, the General Manager must call the meeting to order, and employ a timer so the meetings do not last too long. Primarily, these meetings involve Service Advisors at the front counter. Occasionally, you may want to call together your technicians in order to resolve issues, or make sure everyone is on the same page.

Next, Brian asked YNR Member Leon’s take on staff huddles. Leon, an experienced shop owner, recognizes the value of this ritual. It allows him to stay in the know about how each job is progressing. Understanding such details as the need for more parts and the timeline until he can report back to the customer is crucial.

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Daily Operations Process

SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

SOP #537 – Huddles

What happens without Huddles?

  • Without hourly huddles
  • Processes breakdown
  • Causing loss of revenue, profits and customer service
  • More chaos than needed
  • Broken promises
  • Customers calling us more often
  • Lack of professionalism
  • Price become a LARGER Issue


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