front counter workshop

First Hour:

  • Phone skills and role play
  • Quick Close
  • Is now a good time…?
  • Oil change calls
  • Anytime
  • Tie Down
  • How much…?
  • Cause question
  • “Need need need”, not “suggest” and / or “recommend”
  • exploring PARP

Second Hour: Starts 1:20:00

  • PARP
  • Super deep dive into the Accountability Checklist
    • Item-by-item – all of the first column and partial of the second column, down to discounts given
    • Pictures used to show good and bad items
    • Advantage US – we are the seller and buyer

First Hour

  • Brian gives the opening thoughts
  • Attendee intro
  • Mood Diagram review
  • Price discussion
  • You Squared Quantum Leap review

Second Hour:

  • Front Counter Language items talked about: Yes, SOS and the Board
  • The Board review and explanation by Brian
  • Exploring the board review


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