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Leadership in High Gear


The ability to follow up separates good operators from great operators. Best practices to “Inspect what you Expect”


Leadership In High Gear

Defining Leadership

What are your BIG 3 driving gears? The following was shared :
  1. Empowerment
  2. Inspire / motivate
  3. Casting a vision
  4. Getting “buy in”
  5. Inspect what you expect / follow up
  6. Praising, showing gratitude, and accountability

Question asked and discussed :

Can confidence be learned?
Front Counter Six Series, Part 3: Call Backs

Front Counter Six Series, Part 3: Call Backs

In this FREE Front Counter meeting event, we talk about a pivotal component in our chain – Call Backs! A few points we covered:

  • Always ask for updating their email address to fill the sales funnel
  • There are NO Slow days – Just Low Car Count Days
  • Three Day Courtesy Call
  • State Inspection Call
  • Oil Change Reminder
  • “Haven’t seen you in ____ …”
  • “We are open”
  • Bag Review
  • Missed sales
  • “Buy 1, Get Three Free” offer
  • Warranty call – midway through / running out


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