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Leadership In High Gear

Defining Leadership

What are your BIG 3 driving gears? The following was shared :
  1. Empowerment
  2. Inspire / motivate
  3. Casting a vision
  4. Getting “buy in”
  5. Inspect what you expect / follow up
  6. Praising, showing gratitude, and accountability

Question asked and discussed :

Can confidence be learned?
Front Counter Six Series, Part 3: Call Backs

Front Counter Six Series, Part 3: Call Backs

In this FREE Front Counter meeting event, we talk about a pivotal component in our chain – Call Backs! A few points we covered:

  • Always ask for updating their email address to fill the sales funnel
  • There are NO Slow days – Just Low Car Count Days
  • Three Day Courtesy Call
  • State Inspection Call
  • Oil Change Reminder
  • “Haven’t seen you in ____ …”
  • “We are open”
  • Bag Review
  • Missed sales
  • “Buy 1, Get Three Free” offer
  • Warranty call – midway through / running out


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