Leadership Process

SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

“Communication” – Monty Moran Chapter 14 #118-6

  • To create systems and processes
  • To execute and ensure great Communications is being executed by all staff members
  • Don’t try to be liked – Do what is right!


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Clear Counter Communications, Part 4

Clear Counter Communications, Part 4

Fourth and final installment of our Clear Counter Communications series, discussing Full System Isolation and PMI. Timestamps:

  1. PMI sheet review / disclaimer (00:28-1:51)
  2. System Isolate Script Writing and Presentations (1:51-38:47)
  3. PMI Script Writing w/ Checklist (38:47-54:55)
  4. PMI Presentations (55:09-1:12:30)
  5. Q&A – Mass Texts vs Mailers vs Emails vs Callbacks  (1:13:11-1:17:51)
  6. Final Thoughts and Takeways from Host and Attendees (1:17:51-1:35:20)
  7. Price comments from customers / Counterfeit Spark Plugs video (1:35:20-1:46:47)


Clear Counter Communications Booklet – December 2020

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