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Emotional withdrawals and deposits - business ownerFebruary fills us all with emotions. As business owners, we often experience emotions others don’t deal with. Owning a business is incredibly stressful, and it is even worse if you take it all on your shoulders with the “Lone Wolf” approach. We know that self-made leadership is a myth. Emotional withdrawals get worse the more we turn away from the team that’s there to support us.

Emotional withdrawals happen when we fail to rely on the team and people around us to do their best; instead, we take the burden of everything on our shoulders. Our crews are there to support us and help us reach the next goal in our organization, and we can’t do that without them. This February, we want you to focus on making emotional deposits. Build that relationship bank account up, so it isn’t such an issue when you need to make a withdrawal. If we want to be effective leaders, then we want our teams to have agency in their positions. Therefore, we have to give them the room to own what they do. Believe in them, and then they will believe in you!

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More About Emotional Withdrawals

Most of you are owners and perhaps the General Managers of your businesses! So, do you have the tools in place to help you be successful? Do you find yourself making emotional withdrawal after emotional withdrawal? Well, maybe you need a set of tools in order to help you sort things out and find out what that problem “something” really is.

How can “Action Flow Charts” help you run your shop?

Have you ever found yourself doing one thing, just to have it undone by someone following you up? Scenarios like these are all too common in the business world, and this is where effective business coaching can take you to the next level. Action Flow Charts can help you design a system of processes that ensure everyone is doing the next best task in the process. You have a customer, a service advisor, a technician, and an interconnected web of communication tangled in-between. The opportunities for mistakes are big, especially without effective “Action Flow Charts.” You know that “something” is wrong, but you can’t quite figure out what it is! Sometimes you need someone with fresh eyes to come in and help you see the problems in front of you.

Through YOUR Power of Consistency

You are the only one that can hold yourself responsible at the end of the day. The power of consistency comes down to staying on top of the tiny tasks, day after day because you know they all stack to bring you closer to your greater goal. We are better leaders when our team knows that they can rely on us to be consistent. In return, we want the same thing from them, so show them how to do it and lead by example.

Read about the McCaskey Brothers and how they really could have benefitted from effective “Action Flow Charts.”

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Focus On Relationships

Take February to work on the relationships that mean the most to you. Your family, your loved ones, and the employees you foster in your business. The happier we are, the more we love; and the more we share our love, the better we are as people and business leaders. When you nourish your soul, your business will follow.

Exhausted From Emotional Withdrawals? We Can Help!

You Net Results’ team, tools, and processes are here in order to help you reach your next revenue goal! Struggling with emotional withdrawals and not even sure how to make a deposit? Our business coaching can help you build the structure to inspire your staff. Let’s maximize this daily operations opportunity!

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