Turnaround Point Book CoverGary Gunn, AAM’s book Turnaround Point is a total guide for auto repair shop owners. If you’re ready to turn your business around, download the chapter-by-chapter mp3s and the complete book in PDF format below. Apply these systems to your daily routine for maximum ROI from your staff!


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Chapter 1 – Auto Profit Maximizing

Chapter 1 mp3 download

Chapter 2 – Checking Under the Hood

Chapter 2 mp3 download

Chapter 3 – Turning it Around (Case Studies)

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Chapter 4 – The “How-to” How-to

Chapter 4 mp3 download

Chapter 5 – Budgeting for Profit

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Chapter 6 – The Art of Getting Stuck in “No Reverse”

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Chapter 7 – There’s No App for That

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Book Download in PDF Format

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