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SOP Formation and Review

WOIT Discussion and Notes Formation and Review

SOP 510 How-to Kukui Special

Do you want to know more about Kukui? I bet you do. Come live and listen up.
Are you already a Kukui user?
Are you thinking about investing in Kukui?
Make sure you watch this how-to Kukui REPLAY.


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Topics Discussed

  • Overview of Management Process
  • Management Process during COVID-19 Pandemic, a very relevant issue right now
  • Best practices share
  • Email samples
  • Website samples
  • Hammer your database with “we are open!”
  • Get a plan and execute it
  • Don’t show your fear as the leader

Listen Up and hear from other shop owners and what they are experiencing and doing. Remember, YOU are an essential business. Do all you can to stay open and spread the word to your database YOU are open.


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